Legends Undying – Week Two Recap (Plus Follower Sundays!!)

by darkjade68

Legends Undying – Week Two Recap (Plus Follower Sundays!!)

And so we’ve reached the end of our Second Week of “Legends Undying“, and the Writers are doing a Real Good Job.

The Work This Week;

10/8/12 – The Wanderer

10/9/12 – Intro and The Dreamer (Chapter One)

10/10/12 – Dark Rider (Chapter Two) – Return To Bas’adia

10/11/12 – Raven Valentine Chronicles

10/12/12 – All The World – Chapter Two

10/13/12 – Alea: Part One


Follower Sundays;

I’ve been really Pleased with the Group of Writers we’ve brought onto the the Site, both our Weekly Writers (Who Each Post on a Different Day of the Week), as well as our Backup Writer. All Writers on our Site Play an Equal Role in the Quality and Consistency of the Content on the Site.

Sundays are still open, but I’ve decided to use them for something else…

Something I’m Calling “Follower Sundays“…

Now as to the exact working of “Follower Sundays”, I’m still figuring it out… And that’s where you the Followers come in.

What would you like to see on Sundays?

Some things I’ve Considered…

1) Letting Followers Guest Post on Sundays… I’m sure many of you have Stories that you’d like to Share.

2) Follower Feedback – We’d Love to hear your Feedback about the Writing that’s going on, on the Site. What do you think? With this I may just Post Some Comments Submitted by Followers, onto a Post

3) The Writers Speak – Something else I’ve considered doing on Sundays, is giving the Writers “Free Range” to Post about whatever they’d like… Their Personal Lives… Their other Work… Writing in General… Or things they’d like to share with you the Readers.

These are just a Few Ideas I’ve had, but I’d Love to Hear what you Think?

You can Fill Out The Survey Below, as well as Make Additional Suggestions in The Comments Below

Thanks for your Help, and Interest in the Site


3 Comments to “Legends Undying – Week Two Recap (Plus Follower Sundays!!)”

  1. I, for one, would definitively like to hear more feedback. And by that I don’t mean “Oh, you studly writer, you! Good job!”

    No, rather, I want to hear about what people did not like, plot holes, suggestions, etc. I promise I will not get mad, hunt people down, and make them pay for expressing constructive criticism.

    Mind you, if people just say “You suck, but not as bad as your story.” it’s not called “constructive” criticism, no matter how warranted.

    Just saying; we can’t grow as writers unless we learn what part of our craft needs work. I don’t guarantee I would change stuff upon being told something, but I promise I will consider its merits.

    Thank you.

  2. I think all of them are good ideas. Guest posts would take more coordinating on your part, but that might be fun. The other stuff would be interesting, too. I’m easy to please!

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