by darkjade68

Paige Addams, Our Tuesday Writer, was Unable to Post today, so I shall share with you a New Story That I Posted over on My “The Written Word” Blog


by DarkJade



“I had a dream…”

“A Dream that I was the Son of a Powerful King…”

“A Good King… One that had waged his wars…”

“And Won…”

“Life was good… But it came at a Exorbitant Cost”

“My Father Knew this… He instilled it in me through story and verse every night before I went to sleep”

“Yes, every night, just as my servant woman, Soph-a-lian, would lay me down, and douse out the oil light…”

“He would come…”

“Like a shadow he rose from the flickering light of the torch just outside my chamber door…”

“My Door was always left open you see…”

“For when he’d come”

“But that was just a Dream…”

“The truth is… I don’t know who I am…”

“Or where I’m from…”

“Perhaps someday I will…”

“Or… Perhaps not”


A 15 year old dark skinned boy awakes in the cold, dark confines of a cave.

In the distance he spies a slice of light…

CLANK CLANK comes a sound from something attached to his waist, which Clanks against the cave floor as he makes his way to his feet.

It is so dark, that he reaches at the item on his waist to feel what it is…

As he surely can not see it.

It feels cold… And metal…

He continues to try and assess what it is with his left hand, as he makes his way towards the light.

Stumbling over bits of broken rocks as he goes.

By the time he reaches the exit of the cave, he has acertained that the item is a blackened, metal oil lamp.

As he continues to step into the blaring sunlight beyond, he shifts his left hand from the lamp, to blocking the burning light from his lite green eyes.

And that’s when he sees it.

Upon his left ring finger is a large blue sapphire stoned ring like that you could not imagine.

And judging by the all black, ragged clothing he is wearing…

He certainly wasn’t one who came from wealth.

He may not know who he is, but what he does know is that stealing such a ring would result in the removal of his hand.

Quickly he takes off the ring, and is about to tuck it away into a soft black pouch on his belt, when he notices a name inscribed on the inside of the golden band…

Kamir” the boy speaks softly out loud, though speaking is no easy task, as he’s obviously had nothing to drink for days.

Suddenly he feels a wave of nausea pass over him, and he falls to his knees just outside the caves entrance.

As he sits and tries to collect himself, he notices standing some ten feet away directly to his left, a robust looking Arab man, dressed completely in red… Including the cloth that covers all his face… Save his eyes.

At the man’s side is a Huge Scimitar…

GULP the boy tries to swallow, but struggles at it.

“Hello” the boy suddenly says to the man in a friendly, almost regal manner.

But his throat is so dry, he can hardly be understood.

The man in red does not move… Nor reply.

He simply stands, as if on post, eyes towards the white sand desert before them.

The boy stands once more, placing the ring in his black pouch, and follows the man’s gaze.

Before him is an Illustrious White Desert… And in the distance, a huge Cream Colored Arab City… Truly Glorious to the eye. Though what it is called, he does not know.

“White Tiger” the man suddenly says.

The boy is stunned by this.

Suddenly the Arab man, who is most likely a Warrior of some sort, turns towards him.

“Nizere is the name of the City” he speaks.

The boy just stares at the man, whose eyes are rough, and very dark.

Yes it is safe to say, the boy is afraid of this man… But not because he aims to hurt the boy… No… More for what he sees in his eyes… Great pain… Hard Experience… And Great Wisdom.

The boy is about to tell the man that he can not remember his own name, but instead says…

“I am Kamir… May I ask your name?” speaks the boy, who we shall from this point call Kamir.

The man simply looks away “My name is of no importance.”

With this the two of them sit in silence for a bit.

“Alright then… To Nizere then… It was good meeting you” Kamir proclaims, and begins to make his way, or stumble his way anyway, as he is weak, and disoriented…  To the Great City beyond.

The man in Red Follows some 100 yards behind.




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  1. Fascinating video on this subject.. enjoyed thanks.. 😉

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