Welcome Cobbie & Lorna Two New Sunday Posters

by darkjade68

Welcome Cobbie & Lorna Two New Sunday Posters

As you know, I’ve decided to make Sundays an ‘Open Posting’ day (You can read more about it here Sunday Posts), and in addition to our Daily Story Writers being able to Post Whatever Types of Posts they’d like on Sundays, I’ve also Invited some Additional Posters to Join the ‘Sunday Crew’.

The First is Cobbie (or Gerry) from Gerry’s Space, who actually was a New Dark Globe Writer, right before I changed the Format… He will now be doing some Posts on Sundays, Welcome Back Cobbie.

In Addition to Cobbie, I’ve also asked Lorna @ Lorna’s Voice to Join the Sunday Crew as well, as she was also a Brand New Dark Globe Writer, before I changed the Format.

Both of them shall do their own chosen styles of Posts on Sundays, as opposed to Stories, which is what “Legends Undying” Focuses on Monday-Saturday.

Welcome to the Band of Writers Guys!



14 Comments to “Welcome Cobbie & Lorna Two New Sunday Posters”

  1. Thanks for the introduction, DJ and welcome to Gerry! 🙂

  2. Thanks very much for this opportunity again,, look forward to the first post,,and hi again Lorna….

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