Kamir (Chapter II) – Descendants

by darkjade68

Our Saturday Story Poster, thought it was Friday, and so shall Post tomorrow…

And thus, I shall go ahead and Post Chapter II of My “Kamir” Story


Chapter I

Chapter II – Descendants

by DarkJade


At long last Kamir reached the entrance to the Great City Nizere.

Out in front of the gates, where the merchant’s caravans moved in, and out…

Several City Guards stood watch…

Dressed in all black Arabic Attire, they spent more time drinking and laughing, than actually keeping guard.

This being the case, none seemed to take particular note of the stray, green eyed Arab boy Kamir staggering by, and through its gates.

Nor did they notice the Red Garbed Warrior who followed shortly after.

Kamir, though starving, and dehydrated, was still quite aware of the man following him.

As Kamir entered the large, seemingless endless Merchant Square…

It was a booth selling bright green apples that captured his eye.

His mouth began to water with the site of them…

Never had he wanted something more…

Or at least… Not that he could recall.

And at the moment, he couldn’t recall much.

“ARE YOU GOING TO BE BUYING ONE OF THOSE BOY?!” a loud voice suddenly came from behind the cart of apples.

It was a very large bellied man, with dark glaring eyes.

He was the apple merchant.

“Oh… No… Thank you” spoke Kamir as he took several steps backwards, almost losing his balance.

Kamir then stumbled on… Starving… And thirsty down the merchant square.

Until he ended up in an open area in the street, where many other boys seemed to be practicing sword play with wooden blades.

Kamir’s green eyes welled up with tears a bit, as he watched the boys play.

Suddenly, without a sound, the Red Warrior was standing right beside him.

“Open your hand boy” speaks the warrior.

Kamir opens his hand, and the warrior drops one of the perfect green apples into his hand.

Kamir is stunned, but starts to eat it right away.

“The merchant sends his regards” speaks the warrior, and just as Kamir is about to thank him…

He’s vanished.

Kamir is surprised by the whole exchange, but is frankly just too hungry to think much on it, and continues eating the rest of his apple.

“COME ON YOU!” suddenly a large boy grabs Kamir’s arm and drags him into the middle of the open road…

The suddenness causes Kamir to drop what remains of his apple.

The next thing the boy does is pushes a wooden blade into Kamir’s hand.

That’s when he notices that all the other boys are sprawled about beaten to the ground from this boy apparently.

“Uhh… I don’t wish to fight” speaks Kamir.

“Oh you’ll fight…” replies the large boy as he smacks the end of his wooden blade against his other hand.

Suddenly the boy charges at him, as the other boys stand from their beatings, and start to circle the two.

“AHHHH!!” the boy yells as he charges Kamir.

When the boy reaches him he takes a mighty swing, but Kamir is too quick, and moves out of the way, causing the large boy to fall on his face.

“HaHaHa!” the other boys laugh, but stop when the large boy glares at them.

The large boy then jumps to his feet “YOU’LL PAY FOR THAT!” he says as he starts to wail away at Kamir, who is barely able to block off all the blows with his wooden blade.


Kamir finally moves in a way causing the boy to fall again.

“OOMFF!” the boy says as he hits the dirt.

Kamir then holds up his wooden blade, and drops it.

“I do not wish to fight” he says.

With this the boys behind him push Kamir towards the large boy who is back on his feet, and the boy hits him right across the jaw, knocking Kamir to the ground.

The large boy then makes his way over to Kamir and is about to whack him again when…

“HALT!” a strong young man’s voice calls out.

All of the boys look to see who it is, and it is Prince Ire Ba

Suddenly all the boys kneel.

Upon a beautiful black Arababian Stallion, is Prince Ire Ba… A 16 year old, dark haired, well dressed young man.

At his side are two Royal Elite Guards, also upon horses.

“I’m sorry your highness, I did not see you there” speaks the large boy.

The Prince gets off his horse, and walks over to Kamir, who is wiping the blood away from his mouth.

The Prince reaches his hand to him “Come boy, take my hand” he speaks.

Kamir not knowing what else to do, takes the Prince’s hand.

Kamir standing right before the Prince now, the two of them look into one anothers eyes trying to get a fix on the other.

“KNEEL BEFORE YOUR PRINCE!” one of the Royal Guards yells out, but the Prince holds his hand in his direction, indicating that it’s alright.

“What’s your name boy?” asks the Prince.

“Kamir” Kamir replies.

“Kamir?? Really… Like the Mythical Genie ‘Kamir’? Hmm… I can not say I’ve met anyone by that name… But enough of that, you shall accompany me to the Palace, and we shall get you cleaned up… Come” he says as he makes his way to his horse, then reaches down to Kamir to join him on the back of the horse… And Kamir does.

The Red Warrior watches from a distance.


PICTURE CREDIT – Character Bio


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