Alea: Part Two

by inkslingersagency

I’d like to start off by apologising! I was supposed to post yesterday, but got my days muddled up. I guess it’s a writer’s perogative to have a bit of a messy mind right?! Anyway, here is part two of Alea, I hope you enjoy.

For part one, click here.

~Rachel Sumner~


Control was in a state of upheaval, with papers and high pitched voices flying this way and that. They had sent a number of scouting parties out earlier that day, but none of them had returned. There was an argument going on regarding whether or not they should send out a rescue team to find the original scouting teams, or whether that would be a ‘waste of valuable assets’.


“But the scouts went out in groups of five to ten…they could have easily been spotted. If we send out smaller groups, maybe even pairs, then they stand a better chance of being undetected. We can give them orders to simply keep an eye out for the teams and report back with their findings, rather than sending in a full scale rescue party in.” “Major Milbert was pacing up and down the room, his face getting increasingly red and sweaty. He was arguing his point with the Captain, a sharp and scary woman that was in charge of the entire mission. The heated debate had obviously been going on for a while, because the atmosphere was ready to combust.


“But what if they get captured to? What if they get lost and can’t find their way back? What if they die? What if-” The Captain was ringing her hands, trying to keep an element of control, without letting the others know how worried she was. She wasn’t doing a very good job of it.


“Enough with the what ifs already! Everyone knew this mission could end up being a dangerous one. That’s why the military was sent along. Why don’t you just let us do our jobs?! It’s what we get paid for, and believe it or not, we are pretty darn good at it!” Major Milbert turned round and slammed both of his hands down on the nearest desk, making the desk’s owner jump to his feet and give a hasty salute.


“I’ll think about it…” The Captain replied.


“Well don’t think too long! Excuse the cliché, but these minutes could mean the difference between life and death. You two! What are you doing here? I thought you were guarding the professor?”


The attention of the room’s inhabitants turned top Sharkey and Jitters, who had been standing silently beside the door. Sharkey puffed up his chest, ready to defend himself and make his mum proud, whilst Jitters was sinking back against the wall and trying not to be seen.


“Lino and Roach took over the shift sir. We decided to come up here and see if there was anything to be done. Perhaps I could offer our services for the scouting mission sir.” Giving a quick salute, Sharkey ignored Jitters’ sudden look of fear.


“You think you could handle this mission do you?” The Captain asked, eyeing them both up and down.


“Yes Ma’am! I have many years experience in scouting and subterfuge, so this should not be a problem. Jitters is a good soldier too.”


“Hmm…” The Captain sat down, and let her eyes drift off to the corner of the room, deep in thought.


“If I may, Ma’am, I would be incredibly grateful for a reason to get off this ship. I am not used to being in such confined spaces, sitting back and twiddling my thumbs.”


“Very well, very well…Major? I shall leave it down to you to give the orders. I must get back to my own work.”


Major Milbert gave the two soldiers a grateful nod, pleased to see that his will would finally be put into action. Beckoning them through to a side room, he set about giving them their orders.




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