Sunday Post – Pumpkins & Such

by darkjade68

Sunday Post – Pumpkins & Such

And so it’s that time a year… You know the Holiday before Thanksgiving and Christmas…

Yes, “Halloween” is almost here… And the Proof is in the Pumpkin here on the left, that My Mom picked up a couple days ago.

Pretty nice one actually.

Don’t get me wrong, I Loved Halloween when I was a kid, and I still think its a Cool Holiday, especially for Costume Parties, which can be lots of fun.

But sadly for me, I haven’t done all that much for the Holiday over the last handful of years. None the less, it’s still a cool time…

In fact the best part of it is probably the Annual Photos from My Brother of his Kids in their Costumes.

But for me, even cooler than Halloween, is the Fall is here. Love the Fall, and Winter both.

And yes, I am one of those People that starts to Celebrate Christmas basically the day after Halloween… At least in my own way… Not because Christmas is a Giant Commercial Machine, though these days our Economy can really use the Boost associated with Christmas… No, its more a blend of the Weather, Holiday Cooking (I generally Cook at least part of Thanksgiving Dinner, and Christmas, I leave the Cookies and Baking to My Sis, who is Awesome at it).

But also because of the Lights, the Family Gatherings Etc….

But enough of that, for now it’s the Fall, and its Halloween-ish Time… And so I Send you off with these


5 Comments to “Sunday Post – Pumpkins & Such”

  1. Nice pumpkin indeed : ) Love pumpkin soup!!! Here’s a bit of “undying legend” for you…
    Halloween or Samhain is also a Celtic tradition. It is said that the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is thinnest that night, hence the masks, and carved pumpkins to drive “hostile” spirits away 😉 I don’t know about that, but I do know this: I dream more of my deceased relatives at this period and it’s always like they come to say hi then goodbye, it’s very typical, unlike other dreams. The first dream was yesterday actually so I guess the “process” has started : ) A Celtic magazine has asked me to publish 2 poems I wrote for the previous Samhain. I like to write a new one anyway, I’ve just started one yesterday 🙂 It’s a night meant to celebrate the new year and it’s a powerful night to bring personal power, wiseness … I do a “burning bowl” then, maybe it can be something you’ll like to do. I’ve a post ’bout it but i probably will blog again about it next week.
    Anyway I wish you a lot of joy & Light with your family on The Night of The Year 😉

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