Disperser, Week Four – Terra Incognita

by disperser

So, here we are . . . about to post new stuff. 

With the first three posts I had the luxury of knowing (as much as one can know such things) what I was posting had passed the not-making-anyone-sick test.

People had read those offerings on my blog and, to the best of my knowledge, had not gotten ill, convulsed in revulsion, or otherwise found them overly-objectionable.

But no more.  This next post be new stuff.  It be untried.  It be offered up to new eyes without knowing if it will suck.

But, that’s always the case, ain’t it?  We do stuff, sometimes thinking it’s awesome stuff, and people say “meh!”

Other times we throw together a quick post, and it gets the highest viewership ever (happened on my blog – of course, that’s because I accidentally put photos in as a gallery, and so each photo view counted as a hit, but that’s besides the point).

The point is one knows not what readers will like, in part because few ever take the time to say why they liked something.  Or hated something.  And that’s OK.  It’s not their job to validate our efforts.

But, back to this week’s post . . . I wrote week one’s short story The Blood specifically to bring an older female character to the (virtual) pages.  That was my sole intent . . . well, that and to try my hand at writing fantasy.

To my surprise, I got a number of positive comments for the piece on my blog.  My regular readers liked it and wanted more.  When I agreed to contribute to Legends Undying, I saw the opportunity to keep going with The Blood universe.

This week’s contribution does two things . . . it introduces another major character, and fleshes out the “rules” of magic in this made-up universe.  Also, even though it is a “short story”, I am breaking it up into segments.

This portion is about 2,200+ words, and even that is (from experience) more than the casual blog-browser will sit and read.  The second part will be posted next week, and as it looks right now, there will be a third part.  That will bring the short story to about 6,500 words.  Sounds about right for a short story.

As I said, readers are not charged with anything but enjoying the piece (or not).

BUT . . . I am new to writing fantasy. Not only that, I don’t read much fantasy, so I would appreciate hearing if what I am doing is good or bad (in broad terms), violates unwritten rules, or otherwise fails in meeting the basic requirements of the genre.


P. S.    . . . I will be asked, so here is the answer.  Yes, eventually the characters (and there will be more) will interact. 


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