by cobbies69

Sunday 28th October 2012

NANOWRIMO …Not such an exciting post this week, but  an informative one..


Well this year I will be giving it another go, Last year I participated and was a winner, if any of you follow me on Gerry’s Space or Writing Hell you might have noticed my badges.

Last year I did a story, fantasy story, new world, funny creatures, both cute and cuddly and deadly. Wizards and King and Queen. And of course the normal family, Mother and Father with their young daughter, and not to forget their fabulous pet dog.

In our world they are just a normal family, but once they travel the tunnel of time to another parallel world, a world of magic and strange creatures and beings. Elves, Dwarf’s, and a whole host of imaginary beings. As I said, even though I was a winner and completed the required 50000 words, I actually did 52000, and have now reached 60000, and it is still not finished.

I know that when Dark Globe was in the land of the living, other writers also participated and even managed to take their work a step further than me. I also believe there was a few involved in the more recent ones..not to forget the blogs I follow, there are a few that are also joining in on the fun..hard work but fun.

I am thinking how to make this post a little less boring, or more interesting… found it,, please enjoy…

My story this year, well I had juggled between the continuation of my fantasy that I started last year,, but have changed my mind. I have gone outside my comfort zone, well I say that, fingers crossed, I have found it fairly easy to do.

I have done ground work and have now decided to do a love story. Titled ‘Our Dream’  I am hoping it will be a love story with a slightly different approach.

So I hope you will enjoy this post and continue to follow any of my updates that I will be posting on both sites, ‘Gerry’s Space’, and this lovely ‘Legends Undying’.

So to any of you that might be participating.. NANOWRIMO this year may I take this opportunity to say GOOD LUCK.    Gerry’s Space.

  NANOWRIMO main site…


29 Responses to “NANOWRIMO..2012”

  1. That Video is Hilarious… Yeah, Quill is debating on whether or not to do the November NaNoWriMo this year… She did one in June, and August, and was the one that Wrote/Posted about it for The Dark Globe

    She’s working full time now though, and is Editing one of her Novels that she wrote, so I’m not sure if she’s going to be doing it this year.

    I’ve never done it, but think it’s great

    That Video is Hilarious


  2. Hey good luck to you!
    I have heard abut NanoWrimo… But I am not yet ready to participate
    But I would love to read your story!
    Very good luck! 🙂

  3. Such a creative and warm invite to join NANO~ If there was not a story line and book I am already struggling with I’d be tempted. Instead I will have to live vicariously through you my Kind Sir.
    So hope your love story takes a beautiful path. Looking forward to reading this, your title is intriguing.

    Your video choice a very charming addition.. I like your style ~

  4. Too many interests to join in, but . . . good luck!.

  5. I’m excited for you, Gerry! I bet the story you write will be wonderful. I can’t wait to see it as it unfolds. Bet you can’t either! 😉

    • Yes Lorna, have done a lot of ground work and using real life experiences as well, so it makes places and events so much easier. thank you Lorna, will try to do updates on my Sunday post, and maybe even post the finished product in chapters..that will have to see how it goes.. 🙂

  6. Reblogged this on Gerry's Space. and commented:

    Come all you writers…

  7. Good luck indeed!
    I must not be tempted to become side-tracked …

  8. That’s so neat, Gerry. Unfortunately, I’m already working on three new books, and I DON’T DARE start another one. But I’ll look forward to seeing yours in the making.

    • Yeh Sandra, I am going for the romance side this time, and hoping will actually finish it as well as being a nano winner. Good luck with your books..appreciate your words so much thank you.;)

  9. Thanks for posting the video, Gerry! It was fun – now onto writing! Here we go!

  10. Enjoy your writing experience Gerry. I may one day join you – wish it took place in the summer months when I would have more time 🙂

    • Thank you Colline, they do projects similar in June as well, I believe NANO one is the biggest, though, I did it last and was fun and frustrating,, thank you for your support..Welcome any time.;)

  11. That video was pretty cute, and I believe, like her, I’m gonna go a little mad, with the decision to do this NaNoWriMo thingy. Hoping we all don’t lose it altogether. Trying to stay sane. I know you can do it, as you have done it in the past. That’s awesome! Can’t wait to read your novel!

  12. Thanks for making me smile and laugh today. Great video. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am a fan of fantasy , sci fi kind of stories.Have a great weekend.

    • Thank you for following me here, on my sunday guest post, I will be doing a weekly update on my Nano, and glad you like this,, thank you very much, always welcome and appreciated… 😉 and ditto to you for the weekend..


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