Disperser, Week Five – Terra Cognita

by disperser

The Blood is progressing.  BUT . . . this is Halloween week.    I thought I would offer up one of my past “fun” projects to honor the made-up holiday.

Zombie have garnished quite the attention in these past few years.  A popular TV show, the CDC offering “How to Survive” guides, and a number of lesser (but fun) efforts.  To those I add my own humble take.

Yes, I don’t look at things the same way others do.  What can I say, I am a rebel.  This week I offer up the short Zombie Apocalypse . . . Almost.   It was written in October of 2011, again, as a Halloween treat.

My interest in zombies prior to that was strictly as a template for my then-avatar.  Before switching to the still-new wolf (Disperser), this was the familiar visage associated with everything I did on-line.

That particular Gravatar dates back to October 2007.  It’s still used in a few places, but mostly I’m switching to the Wolf.  Why?  Let’s just say the zombified gravatar was getting uncomfortably close to looking like the real thing . . . er . . . I mean, vice-versa.

Anyway, please enjoy the short story, and we’ll see you next week for the next installment of The Blood.


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