Legends Undying – Week Four Recap

by darkjade68

Legends Undying – Week Four Recap

Ah yes, another Week Has Gone by, and though there was a ‘surplus’ of My Story ‘Kamir’ Posts, Lol, due to some Writers that couldn’t Post this week, I suspect things shall be back to normal a bit this Week… Perhaps… I really have no idea, Lol

The Truth is, It’s too early in the Site’s New Format to determine what ‘Normal’ is, Lol

However, we still had some Great Posts This Past Week

The Stories;

10/22/12 – The Blood – Torin, Part I

10/23/12 – The Dreamer (Chapter Three)

10/24/12 – Kamir (Chapter III) – Alia

10/25/12 – Raven Valentine: Chapter Two

10/26/12 – Kamir (Chapter IV) – The Mystics Of Lo Polan

10/27/12 – Kamir (Chapter V) – White Desert

The Sunday Posts;

10/28/12 – NANOWRIMO..2012

10/28/12 – Halloween: What’s The Fuss All About?

10/28/12 – For Your Sunday Entertainment – A Two Part Video Comic


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