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November 29, 2012

26 Days Until Christmas – What Does It Mean To You?

by darkjade68

26 Days Until Christmas – What Does It Mean To You

1) It means there’s Giant Stockings hanging on our Dining Room (Actually It’s The Living Room) Chairs, because I can’t find any tacks so that I can Stick them up on the wall, and turn this place into Santa’s Workshop

2) It means I’ve got 2 out of the 5 or so Christmas Boxes from below the house brought up so far. (Forgive the Dark Picture on the Right, no Flash on this very low pixel camera on my phone, and the living room relies primarily on light from outside for the most part, and it’s grey out there, as we’re expecting 3 days worth of rain)

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November 28, 2012


by darkjade68

Believe – A Christmas Story

by DarkJade

Part One – Reality

His name was Jonathon Prior… And he was seven.

Jonathon was a quiet one…. But, he was curious.

Often he’d stand in the direct middle of the school yard just listening, and watching, as life went on around him.

Rarely was he struck in the side of the face by an opened peanut butter and jelly sandwich… But on occasion… He was.

Today was such a day.

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November 27, 2012

Thursday Holiday Posts

by darkjade68

Thursday Holiday Posts

I just wanted to Announce that From this Coming Thursday, Through December 29th, Thursdays will be Reserved for Holiday Posts…

This might Include any number of things, from Holiday Recipes, to Holiday Music, to Heart Warming, Humorous or other Types of Editorials.

So if you have anything Holiday Related that you’d like to Share with us here at “Legends Undying”, be sure to Drop Me a Line at JadeDark68@Yahoo.Com

Perhaps a Egg Nog Recipe that you’d Like me to Mention? Or, Christmas Cookies? Or a Holiday Entree, or Dip?

Also, I’ll be sure to Give you Credit, and even Include a Link back to your own Personal Blog.

This is something that just came to me as I just started to Decorate the Living Room a bit, and threw on My Pandora Christmas Station.

So Get into the Spirit, and Share anything Holiday-ish with us if you’d like

Happy Holidays to One and All!


Legends Undying – Holiday Writing Schedule

Mon – Disperser (Stories)

Tues – Paige Addams (Stories)

Weds – DarkJade (Stories)

Thurs – Holiday Posts – Recipes, Editorials, Music Etc. From DarkJade, and Any of our Other Writers that would like to Partake

Fri – Terrii Wachala (Stories)

Sat – Gaston Prereth (Stories)

Sun – Open Sunday Posting With Posts from Sunday Regulars Cobbie @ Gerry’s Space, Lorna @ Lorna’s Voice, DarkJade and on occasion, Alina Melngaile @ Blackrooster’s Stories