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November 4, 2012

Sunday Post – Boneheads In Space… Prometheus In Review

by darkjade68

*First off, I want to apologize to anyone who may have Liked This Film, I do not mean to offend anyone… This is only My Opinion.

Sunday Post – Boneheads In Space… Prometheus In Review

Let me start by saying, I’m a ‘Huge’ Ridley Scott Fan… From Alien, to Bladerunner, to Gladiator and I also Really Like the show he Produced with his Brother, “The Good Wife“.

And maybe that’s part of the problem, because I, as a small kid, saw the Very First/Original “Alien” in the Theater… Looking back, My Mom wishes that she hadn’t taken my Brother and I to see it,  as it Scared the Hell out of us, Lol But upon reflection, I imagine it scared pretty much most that saw it, child, or not.

And I also saw, 7 years later, Opening Night of “Aliens“, which was done by James Cameron, as opposed to Ridley… And was one of the Funnest Movie Experiences of my life… The Audience was Literally Cheering throughout… Granted that was a more common occurrence in Movies back then, but none the less, none that I had been in Cheered More than they did in this Film.

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November 4, 2012

Nano Writing Update #1

by cobbies69

Sunday 4th November 2012

November 2012

  Four days in and I can honestly say that I have managed to get off to good start.

I did do some good prep work and had a great support back up from a friend, who is giving me ideas and proof reading all that I have written. My daily targets have been reached, this was not really a surprise for me, but the hardest part will be in another week. This is when I hope I have written and caught up with all my prep work and type it up to suit the story so far. The next stage when more ideas and prep work and possibly some research will be required.

 My story this year is a romance story with a slight difference, by being written almost like a diary, but with an angle of the two people who love each other, met years ago, and the girl was being shown around the boys home. The surrounding areas and events that he would show her and take to experience the ways of his world. She enjoyed meeting his friends and the music they were involved in. He was telling and teaching all about his traditions. she was from another world and they hit it off so much and fell in love.  Her new life in a new world with a new man looked so promising. But was it, as in most love stories, or any story there is always a problem, or disaster. Life does go a smoothly as we all would like.

But I did say mine was different,,so did a disaster hit them, did a problem occur.. well you will have to read it.

If it all goes to plan then maybe I will post it in chapters…

Ideas and Hints…

I hope that my readers and followers do not mind but I will probably do a weekly update on my efforts in this project, Also hopefully be in touch with many others that are participating as well. Believe me there are many of us in this blogging world that are.

Anybody that is new to this can go onto the Nano website and search for your area and join the group,and others if required, and many have groups and pages on Facebook, this is a great asset when or if you are lacking ideas or in need of a little support. I found they are very useful, almost in real-time one can chat away and get inspired again, come up with ideas. This is two-way traffic, you can offer your help and support to others that need it. There is also a facility to invite people to become writing buddies. I am not sure how this helps, I have a few and am part of others but nothing visible came to light the last year I done it. I might be missing something, so if any of you know please let me know.

Anyway my fellow bloggers and Nanowrimo’ers, if such a word, thank you for your patience and good luck in your project. Please contact me and we can support each other…   Until next week then,,, but you can catch me over at Gerry’s Space.



November 4, 2012

Free Elections? What Do You Think We Are? Oxymorons?

by Lorna's Voice

Why wasn’t I born in Japan? That language must be easier to learn than English.

Over at Lorna’s Voice, I like to poke fun at the English language every once in while, and by “every once in a while,” I mean “pretty much always.”  What’s not to poke fun at: silent letters, plural rules that are confusing, verb tense rules that make you tense, conjunctivitis, homonyms, heteronyms, and the list goes on.

I started picking on oxymorons a while ago because I thought the word was funny, which make me both juvenile and clever–a tough, but manageable balancing act if you’re both dizzy and blonde like I am. If you’re interested in those posts, they are: That Was Awfully Good, I’m Better Than New! Just Kidding!, and I’m Clearly Confused. My plan was to work through the alphabet sharing my favorite oxymorons, but I needed to deal with all kinds of routine emergencies and, well, forgot about the series. Until now.

I was watching a debate for my state’s US Congressional seat. In response to the Democratic incumbent’s remarks about his own record, the Republican candidate said, “That’s exactly incorrect.” I thought to myself, “Moron.” But, then my chagrin at his response turned to delight. “What a great oxymoron!” I said aloud. And that’s what reminded me of my abandoned series.

I vehicuarly disagree with the Congressman. He’s exactly incorrect about his own record of voting or not voting or… Look at me. I’m awesome and I’m sitting on a rock. I have certain zingers I rehearsed and I need to get them in. Now ask me a question so I can zing him.

Since Election Day is this Tuesday, November 6 (if you hadn’t noticed), I am reviving my Oxymoron series and tailoring it for the election. I’ll start with the “D’s” because that’s where I left off.

Definite Maybe: You hear that a lot. That’s about as committed as most politicians, voters and pundits get, especially as we get closer to Election Day. It’s time to pick a side. Is it going to be “definite” or are you going with “maybe?” I guess it comes down to this: who do you want driving the train for the next four years? Mr. Definite or Mr. Maybe?

Deliberate Mistake: When it comes to voting, people are often “afraid” to make the “wrong” choice, thus sentence the nation to damnation for the next four years. Well, people, the only deliberate mistake you can make on Election Day is NOT voting. Whether you are afraid, bored, or feel like your one vote doesn’t matter, the people who DON’T vote are as responsible for the next four years as the people who DO vote. 

Disposable Income: I’ve heard about this one. Legends and myths speak of this elusive and beautiful creature as something I should have if only I worked harder and was wiser when I was younger, like when I was a toddler. These legends and myths also foretell of a time when this elusive and beautiful creature will return to my fold (or billfold) should the Job Creators release their flock of Disposable Incomes into the wild. And they (which may or may not include me) all lived happily ever after. The End.

Eschew Obfuscation: Huh? Oh. That’s when politicians answer the questions they wanted to answer, not the questions they were asked and we get frustrated and wish they wouldn’t do that. That’s it, right? If not. Look it up.

Federal Budget: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Sigh. Sniff. Sniff. Groan.

Free Elections: The projected cost of the combined 2012 Congressional and Presidential elections is nearly $6 BILLION. Admittedly, that’s a lot less than the national debt ($16 TRILLION and counting), but that’s definitely not free. Don’t let all that money go to waste. Go vote!

I’ll continue with this series, but it won’t be about politics. I like to stay away from contentious issues, so I’ll stick with religion and family values next time…Just kidding (or am I?)!

Don’t tell anyone, but this is really how I pulled a muscle in my left butt cheek. Some people just don’t appreciate me talking about Buddhism…