Nano Writing Update #1

by cobbies69

Sunday 4th November 2012

November 2012

  Four days in and I can honestly say that I have managed to get off to good start.

I did do some good prep work and had a great support back up from a friend, who is giving me ideas and proof reading all that I have written. My daily targets have been reached, this was not really a surprise for me, but the hardest part will be in another week. This is when I hope I have written and caught up with all my prep work and type it up to suit the story so far. The next stage when more ideas and prep work and possibly some research will be required.

 My story this year is a romance story with a slight difference, by being written almost like a diary, but with an angle of the two people who love each other, met years ago, and the girl was being shown around the boys home. The surrounding areas and events that he would show her and take to experience the ways of his world. She enjoyed meeting his friends and the music they were involved in. He was telling and teaching all about his traditions. she was from another world and they hit it off so much and fell in love.  Her new life in a new world with a new man looked so promising. But was it, as in most love stories, or any story there is always a problem, or disaster. Life does go a smoothly as we all would like.

But I did say mine was different,,so did a disaster hit them, did a problem occur.. well you will have to read it.

If it all goes to plan then maybe I will post it in chapters…

Ideas and Hints…

I hope that my readers and followers do not mind but I will probably do a weekly update on my efforts in this project, Also hopefully be in touch with many others that are participating as well. Believe me there are many of us in this blogging world that are.

Anybody that is new to this can go onto the Nano website and search for your area and join the group,and others if required, and many have groups and pages on Facebook, this is a great asset when or if you are lacking ideas or in need of a little support. I found they are very useful, almost in real-time one can chat away and get inspired again, come up with ideas. This is two-way traffic, you can offer your help and support to others that need it. There is also a facility to invite people to become writing buddies. I am not sure how this helps, I have a few and am part of others but nothing visible came to light the last year I done it. I might be missing something, so if any of you know please let me know.

Anyway my fellow bloggers and Nanowrimo’ers, if such a word, thank you for your patience and good luck in your project. Please contact me and we can support each other…   Until next week then,,, but you can catch me over at Gerry’s Space.



4 Responses to “Nano Writing Update #1”

  1. I am your fan already, my kind Sir. I am so looking forward to your updates.
    It’s a wonderful way to sink the hook in.

    Waiting to discover what is going to happen is like reading any good book, you want to know the end to the plot, but hate for it all to come to a conclusion.

    Mt best wishes for you and your successful project. i have faith in you~

  2. Why thank you my lady, I shall be very pleased to keep you updated, and hope you like the conclusion..;)


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