Sunday Post – Boneheads In Space… Prometheus In Review

by darkjade68

*First off, I want to apologize to anyone who may have Liked This Film, I do not mean to offend anyone… This is only My Opinion.

Sunday Post – Boneheads In Space… Prometheus In Review

Let me start by saying, I’m a ‘Huge’ Ridley Scott Fan… From Alien, to Bladerunner, to Gladiator and I also Really Like the show he Produced with his Brother, “The Good Wife“.

And maybe that’s part of the problem, because I, as a small kid, saw the Very First/Original “Alien” in the Theater… Looking back, My Mom wishes that she hadn’t taken my Brother and I to see it,  as it Scared the Hell out of us, Lol But upon reflection, I imagine it scared pretty much most that saw it, child, or not.

And I also saw, 7 years later, Opening Night of “Aliens“, which was done by James Cameron, as opposed to Ridley… And was one of the Funnest Movie Experiences of my life… The Audience was Literally Cheering throughout… Granted that was a more common occurrence in Movies back then, but none the less, none that I had been in Cheered More than they did in this Film.

I will not Comment on Aliens 3 and 4 (Was there a 5th? Don’t know, Don’t Care, Lol), other than to say this… They Sucked… When I think of the Third, all I can think of is the Color Brown… As Visually, The Film was Drab, and Terrible Looking… Beyond that, it Sucked.

The 4th, I don’t hardly remember, other than Winona Rider was in it.

To Sum it up

Alien – Terrifying… Way ahead of its Time… Great Story, Acting, and the Visuals were Brilliant. A Science Vessel Battling a Viscous Alien with one small blow torch, Lol

Aliens – The Ultimate Revenge… James Cameron was a Truck Driver at the time he saw the Original Alien, and what he Created with the Second Film 7 Years Later, was “What if We Actually Took on these Aliens with a Decent Arsenal”… The End Result, we still got our A$$’s Kicked, Lol Except For Ripley, who Simply Kicked A$$, and Exemplified the ‘Strong Female’ Character. Action Packed, Several Good Characters, Good Story.

And now to Prometheus….

Let me begin by saying, The First Hand Full of Scenes (Other than the Scientists in the Cave Scene), were Simply Unbelievable Visual Feasts for the Senses… Though I watched this on a Large HD Television, These Opening Space Scenes must have been Unbelievable in the Theater.

So I’m Like “Wow, This is a ‘Film Makers’ Film…” Meaning, a Film, that other Film Makers Would Love to Watch… Especially the likes of James Cameron, who did an Amazing Job with “Avatar“.

But I have to tell you, these Opening Space World Scenes were Incredible… Ridley Really Creates a World with it, and thus I forgave the Cliche’ Early Scene where the Scientists Find Cave Drawings of Aliens. Simple Overused Concept, but who cares, My Eyes Love the Film’s Visuals.

That Said… I’ve Determined that there are absolutely ‘No Intelligent’ Characters in any of the Aliens Films… Granted, Ripley has Amazing Survival Instincts and Intelligence… But other than that, by the end of Prometheus I’m left thinking… “Who in the hell had the Intelligence to Design all of these Amazing Ships Etc.”…

It’s like, the Smartest People on Earth basically send ‘Boneheads’ into space with their Trillion Dollar Ship and Technologies.

The Story; Rich man wants to live forever, sends Spiritual Scientist, and Obsessed Scientist (Spiritual Scientist’s Boyfriend) into space to Track Down ‘Our Maker’… Ok… Rich man wants to live forever, been done a zillion times… But ok.

The Characters; Love the Actress from the Original “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” Trilogy, but her Character in this is pretty weak. And she’s one of the Best Characters, Lol. The Captain of the Ship is Really good, except when two of his Crew get stuck on the planet surface in a huge Alien Tomb (It’s more than a Tomb, but I don’t wanta give away more), and he decides to go have Sex Leaving no one on Guard to take Communications from the two stuck Crew. “Prometheus are you there? Prometheus are you there?” Nope, Prometheus isn’t there, they’re all sleeping, except for the Captain who is having Sex. Contrived, and Terrible moment designed to give the Fans a bit of a Scary Thrill… Watching these two bonehead Crew running around the Alien Tomb, until they… Well… I won’t give it away… Lol Lets just say, you know what really gives an Audience a Scary Thrill?? Brilliant Terrifying Writing… Eh, maybe next time.

The Robot… Awesome Actor Playing the ‘Robot’ in this Film… Hmm… Strong Female Character… Robot Character… Sound Familiar? Lol That’s alright, I forgave that too… But if the Robot is Trying to Find the ‘Maker’ for the Rich Guy, why did he bother giving the Obsessed Scientist the Black Ooozy Stuf?? That’s not going to help the Rich Guy Find his Maker? Or perhaps, if they had even considered giving a hint of why he does this?? Nope, just one big post black ooozy drinken alien dude to deal with… Another Cheap Fan Thriller I guess.

I’m being a bit Vague on purpose… But sadly, Vague is pretty much all yer goina get anyway, Lol

I don’t think I want to give much more away… But like I say, my total Estimation is that this Film could have been called “Boneheads In Space”, and been at least a more ‘accurate’  description of what was coming, Lol


Oh well… It was one of my Most Anticipated Movies… But in the end, it’s more like an Old Sci-Fi Movie (Which is Fine for what it is), painted up with Zillion Dollar Paints. Argh… What a Terrible Review, Lol Oh well.

Perhaps if you hadn’t Enjoyed the First and Second Films the way I did, you may have liked this Film… Perhaps not.

Overall Rating;

Prometheus 5.5 (For Sake of Reference Alien 8.5, Aliens 8.5)

Nuff Said

Thanks for Listening/Reading


2 Comments to “Sunday Post – Boneheads In Space… Prometheus In Review”

  1. This is a really interesting review, I haven’t seen the film myself but have heard pretty much the same things from my friends who have seen it, that it’s visually impressive, but that it kicks up more questions than it answers. I’m not sure I will see it, but if it’s on TV I might take a quick peek. On another note, Terry and I went to see Frankenweenie today which was rather awesome 😀 I’d thoroughly recommend it, I’m sure you’d love it!

    • I think this Film will Definitely Bore you, Lol… But the Visuals are stupendous in the beginning.

      I really want to see “Frankenweenie”, glad to hear you saw, and Liked it… Really looking forward to seeing it.

      Thanks so much for your Comment Anna


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