Legends Undying – Week Five Recap

by darkjade68

Legends Undying – Week Five Recap

Another Week has gone by, and We’ve Had a lot of Good Writing.

November is one of my two favorite months (The Other Being December), and I’m really enjoying all of the Fall Weather.

On with The Recap

The Stories;

10/29/12 – Zombie Apocalypse… Almost

10/30/12 – The Dreamer (Chapter Four)

10/31/12 – Revenge – Part I

11/1/12 – White Wolf

11/2/12 – Alpha And Beta

11/3/12 – Sophia Cloud

The Sunday Posts;

11/4/12 – Free Elections? Who Do You Think We Are? Oxymorons?

11/4/12 – Nano Writing Update #1

11/4/12 – Sunday Post – Boneheads In Space… Prometheus In Review



2 Comments to “Legends Undying – Week Five Recap”

  1. DJ, you’re so good at keeping readers and writers of your site up to date. You really care about everything that you do and it shows. 🙂

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