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November 6, 2012

Revenge – Part II

by Gaston Prereth

Continuation of Revenge – Part I

“He’s paying forty thousand for you and your little girl.” Govannon’s words were buried deep in his gravel like cadence.  Everything he said had such a deep sense of finality that it was hard to continue a conversation with him without a host of awkward pauses rippling out into the room. Blane licked his lips, his hands curling around each other underneath the tavern’s thick oak table.

Around them, a scattering of local merchants drank and laughed.  There was a distant hum in the room, a swell of contentment and pleasure that felt as alien to Blane now as an undiscovered land across the vastness of the ocean. He looked down at his own untouched drink.

“He’s not paid you yet?”

“You’re still alive, ain’t you?”  Govannon’s cheeks, like worn leather, crinkled a little with what could have been a smile, but Blane could not be sure.  He’d only met the assassin once before and could detect no real emotion in his voice or demeanour.  Had it been a smile, or was he simply stating a fact?

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