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November 9, 2012

All The World – Chapter Four

by TByrd

Chapter Four

Tess headed to the stage door ready to lock up from the days events. After restoring the lobby and smoking copious amounts of cigarettes to calm her nerves, she needed this day to be behind her.

She walked down the empty hallway turning lights off as she went. Each time she switched off a light she felt the need to walk just a little bit faster. It was like someone was following her. Finally at the last switch by the door she signed out and flipped the switch but the hallway was not dark.  She looked down in the direction she came and saw each bank of lights flicker back to life.

A chill went through her but she forced it down and went back up the hallway. At the end of the hallway just as she was ready to flip the light switch she felt a childish tug on her sleeve, but when she turned her attention toward it there was nothing. A shadow ran passed her to the right and footsteps echoed off the walls. Picture frames started throwing themselves from the walls to the floor.

She ran back to the stage door forgetting the lights that were left on but the hallways seemed to get longer the faster she ran. When she reached the door she was unable to pull it open. In a panic she began banging on the door screaming. She heard the footsteps now coming closer as picture frames starting throwing themselves at her. They slammed on the door and shattered.

An unseen force rushed into her, slamming her into the door and a loud wail sounded. It started low but was soon overpowering in pitch. She clasped her hands over her ears, sank to the floor and cried.

“Stop,” she sobbed. “Please just leave me alone!”

The lights suddenly switched off and all was quiet. Tess opened her eyes slowly. From the windows in the lobby, the blue lights from the street were cascading down the hallway and a silhouette of a person stood at the far end.

“Who are you?” she whispered. The silhouette shifted slightly. “Who are you?” Tess asked louder.

It was a mere whisper, “Elizabeth.”