Join Us For Our Sunday Postings

by darkjade68

Join Us For Our Sunday Postings

Our Sunday Postings have been going Very Well… Gerry (Cobbie), Lorna and Myself have been Posting Regularly

But We’d Love to have More Sunday Posters, so if you’d like to Join our Sunday Crew, send me an E-Mail @ JadeDark68@Yahoo.Com

Sundays are the Days that Our Writers, whether our Weekly Story Writers, or our Designated Sunday Writers, can Write about anything they’d like… Thus Offering a Variety of Material for the ‘Sunday’ Eye.

Here’s what we’ve had so far from our Sunday Posts (Plus This Weeks Posts which are on the Front Page Now!);

11/4/12 – Sunday Post – Boneheads In Space… Prometheus In Review – by DarkJade

11/4/12 – NaNo Writing Update #1 – by Cobbie

11/4/12 – Free Elections? What Do You Think We Are? Oxymorons? – by Lorna

10/28/12 – For Your Sunday Entertainment – A Two Part Video Comic – by DarkJade

10/28/12 – Halloween: What’s The Fuss All About? – by Lorna

10/28/12 – NANOWRIMO..2012 – by Cobbie

10/21/12 – Sunday Post – Pumpkins & Such – by DarkJade

10/21/12 – My Dixie’s Find – by Cobbie

10/20/12 – What’s Blonde and Zany and Shows Up All Over? – by Lorna

10/17/12 – Welcome Cobbie & Lorna Two New Sunday Posters

10/14/12 – Open Sunday Posting

We’d Love to have you, so Send me a Note!

And Have a Good Sunday




3 Comments to “Join Us For Our Sunday Postings”

  1. I would join but I just don’t know if I can do every Sunday. Some days I can do not much of anything at all … right now.

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