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November 14, 2012

Kamir (Chapter VI) – Crossroads

by darkjade68


by DarkJade

Chapter I – In The Dark

Chapter II – Descendants

Chapter III – Alia

Chapter IV – The Mystics Of Lo Polan

Chapter V – White Desert

Chapter VI – Crossroads


Prince Ire Ba and his 100 guards arrive at the Alehan Crossroads, which lays on the border of the middle eastern city of Soco Rayan. One of three cities controlled, and ruled by the Warlord Kan.

At the meeting site waiting are the three Mystic’s of Lo Polan, accompanied by just 20 of the Warlord’s Elite Guard.

“Greetings Prince” speaks Regimah, the wisest of the three mystics… Who is garbed in a deep green attire.

“What, did Kan not come?” demands the Prince from his horse.

“Kan relies on us to represent him from time to time” speaks the second mystic, Arule… A heavier set man, with a short, sharp black beard, whose wearing all red garb.

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