Crazy, Stupid Love… The Power Of A Soundtrack

by darkjade68

Crazy, Stupid Love… The Power Of A Soundtrack

What do you get with a group of Clever, Decent Actors… Coupled with some Hilarious Real Life Humor… And Finished Off with a Soundtrack of Really Good Songs…

“Crazy, Stupid Love”









I saw this film a hand full of weeks back, and I was pleasantly surprised.

But I wanted to sit down and watch it again, because something about it had really pulled me in.

Yes, Ryan Gosling’s Character was Hilarious… And I admit, I was glad to see him in something again that I actually liked… As I really liked him in “The Notebook”, but hadn’t been drawn to anything else that he had done since.

To me having an ‘Intense’ Actor, play ‘Intense Characters’, isn’t all that big of a reach… And the Roles he was in after “The Notebook” all seem to be something like that… Though I admit, I’ve hardly seen any of them.

But have an Intense Actor play a Comical, Suave Wolf of a Character… Then you bring in what I call ‘Contrast’, and he is just Hilarious in this.

A 22 Second Sample;



But after watching the whole Film again, I realized what it was that really made this Film.

The Music.



Now don’t get me wrong, without Steve Carell’s Brilliant Comic Sensibilities, this Film doesn’t even get off the ground.

But for me, it’s the same type of situation as Gosling… And what I mean by that, is if you just stick Steve Carell in a ‘Stupid’ Movie, Playing a ‘Stupid Character’… No thanks.

But in this Film he is a Hilarious Guy, in a ‘Real Life’ Situation… Which is basically where I prefer to see Comics in the First Place.

And I have to say, the Relationship/Friendship between Gosling and Carell is probably the Best Part of the Film… Other than the Music that is, Lol


But let us not forget Emma Stone.

I can’t remember if I’ve seen her in anything else, but I’ve always thought that she looked hilarious in the Films I’ve seen Previews for with her in it.

That said, she is Hilarious in this.

To Look at her, she’s a Pretty Girl, with a lot of Charisma…

But when she starts to Speak, she is Absolutely Hilarious… And in my Opinion, that is her edge.

A taste of her Humor;



But this next Scene is probably Her Best;



So if you’re looking for a Cute Flick that will make you Laugh, and has Great Music

“Crazy, Stupid Love” is your Film.

And go ahead and pick up the Soundtrack while you’re at it

Nuff Said

Thanks for Reading/Watching/Listening



2 Comments to “Crazy, Stupid Love… The Power Of A Soundtrack”

  1. I totally agree with your summary of Crazy, Stupid, Love. It IS the music that makes the movie and also the line-up of cast and characters. One of my favorite movies of all times. Just like you, I enjoyed it the second and third time around.

    • Nice… Yeah, it’s definitely become one of those Movies that I will Watch over and over again from time to time… Hilarious, and like we say, The Music is Great

      Thanks for you Comment Nosey


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