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November 19, 2012

Have Some Stories You’d Like To Share? – We’re Looking For A Thursday Writer

by darkjade68

Have Some Stories You’d Like To Share? – We’re Looking For A Thursday Writer

Have some Stories You’d Like to Share/Post? “Legends Undying” is Currently Looking for a New Thursday Writer.

Whether you Post Short Stories, Book Chapters, Story Chapters or a Blog Series… Thursdays will be all yours!

Just Send me an E-mail @ JadeDark68@Yahoo.Com, or Leave a Comment Below, and I’ll toss you an Invite to Join Our Band of Writers.

Sundays are also Open for All Writers to Post about whatever they’d like, but Mon-Sat are Story Posting Days, with Designated Writers on Each Day.

So Give it a Shot!


November 19, 2012

The Blood – Torin, Part IV

by disperser

What went on before:

Part I – We are introduced to Torin, a young man just coming into his own.  He feels responsible for his friend’s death.  A death brought about by advanced age, even though he had seen the same number of winters as Torin.  Torin is recognized as being of The Blood, and is taken by the men of the region’s Ruler.  Though near the maximum age for training, Ledanai is charged with teaching him about the ways of The Blood.  He learns he was indeed responsible for the death of his friend, but in the process he learns he is something more than just part of The Blood, with abilities members of The Blood do not have.  He also learns of the history of The Blood, The Spirit, and The Elders The Blood defeated those of The Spirit in a war over the use of Magic, specifically the cost of using Magic, as it drained ordinary humans of their lifeforce.

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November 19, 2012

Disperser, Week Eight – Yes, I’m still here

by disperser

The fourth installment of The Blood: Torin will go up in a moment.

I usually write these things by Sunday, and have them ready to go on Monday morning.  I do that because Monday is “my day”, and I want to make the most of it.

However, I’m on the road.  Plus, last week was a female canine of a week, and I got little done in the way of writing.  So, I was up until three in the (this) morning writing both parts four and five of Torin’s story.   I then wanted a chance to edit what I wrote, proof it, and see if it needed tweaking.  In there, we also went to the air and space museum, I interacted with relatives, and took care of necessities.  So here I am, mid-afternoon, and finally discharging my obligations to Legends Undying.  And happy to do so.

As a discovery(seat-of-the-pants, make-stuff-up-as-I-go, sit-write-and-hope-for-the-best) writer, I tend to do surprisingly little in way of revisions.  Spelling, word choice, and cleaning up extra adjectives . . . that’s the extent of my editing.

I then rely on the reader to say stuff like “Hey!!  You messed up here!!

Of course, they never do.  They just keep it to themselves, presumably to laugh behind my back!

To the best of my understanding, “behind my back“, in the strictest interpretation, would be, in fact, my front.   Seeing as no one ever laughs to my face, I assume my writing is flawless.  Or people are too stunned by my rugged bad looks to do anything but stare, agape.  Or, no one actually reads this stuff.

Whatever the reason, I get little feedback, so that affords me a certain amount of freedom.  I can write whatever I want, and worry little about it being cogent.  I just need to put down between 1,400 and 1,600 words, and write an intro for it.

Speaking of which, I think this one is long enough.

And now, onto The Blood: Torin, Part IV.