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November 22, 2012

Black Friday Break

by TByrd

I am taking a break from my regularly scheduled programming to take a moment and share a moment of my life with you all.

This year I have a great deal to be thankful for. I have a wonderfully supportive husband, two adorable cats and a family I love. Since Rob and I have been together we have spent Thanksgiving Day with his parents. His Aunt Wendy and Grandpa come into town and a big production number is made of the day. This year was no exception and by the end of dinner I was worn out. Possibly more so than in previous years, as last Monday I had undergone an Angiogram of the Head, a highly invasive procedure that sent a microfiber from my groin, through my heart and up to my carotid artery. They shot radioactive dye through my brain and made my arteries and veins light up like Christmas. I was home by the early afternoon and spent the next day and a half on the couch resting and recovering, but by Wednesday I was ready to see the world again. We went out to stock up for Black Friday.

This Black Friday is our second Annual Black Friday Shut-In. It’s a day where we refuse to leave or be involved in the chaos that is consumerism.

This year we are celebrating independence from “stuff” by cooking our own Turkey, getting the cats some special canned food and decorating for Christmas. This has always been my favorite part of Black Friday. There is something special about redesigning your living room to fit a tree.

In Christmas’ past we have had a small three foot fiber optic tree from my first apartment. It was very cute, but after five years our little tree had devolved a flat side from living in the box all year long. I tried as hard as I could to make it fluff out again, but it got worse and worse until it finally fell over from the weight on one side.

We decided it was high time for an upgrade and I was sent out to get us a new tree. I wasn’t so much sent out as I almost begged to go do something on my own. It was a good feeling to drive myself again and get out, no matter how brief it might have been. I returned with a brand new bunch of Christmas for us.

Our new tree is already standing proudly in the front corner of the living room. Our two cats have taken turns sniffing it and sleeping under it. I erected it shortly after returning home from Thanksgiving Dinner. Our 8-month old kitten, Ezio, has yet to climb it, but he has tried to eat it. I have had to readjust the tree skirt several times and after hours of kitten mischief I gave up. Rufus, however, at six years old is far calmer about the situation. Now that the tree is “old news” to the baby in the house, Rufus has nestled himself in under the tree and is happily napping.

It is now the wee hours of the morning of Black Friday as I type this, my husband is playing Assassins Creed 3 (I beat it last week and yes, it was worth it!) and a six pound turkey is thawing in a water bath in the kitchen. Whenever we are interested enough to do something productive the bird will be put in the oven and while it fills the house with good smells we will decorate our tree. We will eat when we want to eat, play video games when we want to, and drink Scotch until we can’t see straight.

So why am I telling you this? Because I think spending time with the people you love is more important than buying them things. We all like getting neat things for Christmas, but that is not what makes the holidays special. So, while the door busters are great and buying gifts early is smart, I’d rather not play that game.

Whether you go out shopping this Black Friday or stay inside like me, I hope you have a safe day. And if you live in an area of the world where consumerism isn’t important, than I shake you warmly by the hand!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and enjoy your Black Friday!


November 22, 2012

I Am A Dancing Turkey

by darkjade68

I Am A Dancing Turkey

So on My Personal Writing Blog Last Year I did this Post called “The Dancing Turkey“, and lately it’s been getting a couple hundred hits a day, Lol

But Rather than Reposting the Whole Post, I thought I’d just Post this Hilarious Video that was one of the things on the Post
Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving From The “Legends Undying” Band of Writers!








November 22, 2012

Free Digital Copy Of My Novella “I Died Once”

by darkjade68

Free Digital Copy/Ebook Of My Novella “I Died Once”

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