NANOWRIMO update # 4

by cobbies69

25th November 2012 Sunday

Update #4


My total for last week was 29158. a lot lower than I had expected. And I wanted to by this Sunday reach at least 38-40000 and my actual total is  …. see below.:

Yes yes have reached my target and that leaves about 9,000 to do by Friday night midnight. Do we think we can do it, Yes we do don’t we boys and girls. Will do one more of these posts next Sunday and it will show whether I am a


This weeks story telling has been an emotional roller coaster for me.

As you all know I have attempted a love story, and I must say it has mostly been a good write, my story lines have all fell into place and in some places written itself. However there was a couple of scenes that started off as just a nice piece of romantic writing but it became very emotional for me. I surprised myself, and if I say so myself, I think this scene was so well written and dramatic.

I have tried to be original, my places are real and my events are based from real things that had happened but added the characters for the love story to be lovingly wandering through the time.

The story of this couples meeting and their journey from meeting to becoming true love’s. This story is more of an emotional journey as opposed to an eventful one of ups and downs, will they or wont they story. If I end up completing this NANO journey, and hopefully concluding this young couples story, which by the way I fully intend to. Is there any of you that would like to read it as a completed emotional love story and telling of their journey, their  travels through  forest life and of the  music they encounter, and their sight seeing. Romantic Scenes are never very far away, always being visible.

Progress yes I did this weeks target = 41,000

Next weeks target for Friday midnight = Completion/Winner!

Wish me luck and watch this space. Thank you.

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5 Responses to “NANOWRIMO update # 4”

  1. Bravo you I say My kind Sir!! Completing your weeks goals, staying on track with your story line.. feeling what you are writing,
    ingredients for a writing and winning a novel in 30 days! Impressive~

  2. You can do this! It sounds like a wonderful story and journey. 🙂


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