Sunday Post – Trip Down Memory

by darkjade68

Sunday Post – Trip Down Memory

It’s interesting… I was going through this drawer, trying to create some more space for some of my clothing, and I came across some old photos and BDay Cards Etc.

Believe it or not, this Picture on the Left was taken in April, 1998… Way back in My Medical Sales Days (Yes that Bleary Fellow in the Upper Right is me), when we had a Medical Convention in New Orleans.

This Restaurant I believe was a House of Blues, which was kind of ironic, as we could have been eating at an actual ‘authentic’ New Orleans Restaurant… But that’s Corporate America for you… Often you will find yourself in Restaurants that are basically some form of a ‘Chili’s’, though the names will be different. At least when I was in Corporate America it was like that.

Something else I came across was a BDay Card from the 2nd Year I was with the Company (I was actually with this company 8 1/2 years), and I counted and there was something like 50+ Happy BDay Wishes on it… Heck, I don’t even know 50+ People anymore, Lol

Not that I was all that close with many of them, but I did know just about all of them

In 1998 I was well established with this Company, making good money, and… Basically, bored out of my Mind, Lol

I had never pursued any of my Dreams at that point, largely because My Dreams were Being a Filmmaker, and the girl I was with (Also for 8 years), always told me she would leave me if I went into the Film Industry. So, as she was My First Love, and I didn’t really feel like losing her, I decided to just work away in Corporate America, and basically relinquish my soul to Artificial Lighting and Cubicles, Lol

Now I’m not trying to blame her for this, it was still my choice to stay in the relationship.

But this is another story… The actual reason that I’m Writing this Post is because after pursuing my dreams in one form or another during the last 10+ years, though my Creative Soul is satisfied, looking at these pictures I actually find myself missing all of those people I used to work with.

Like Aaron, whose Cubical Location was such that whenever I came in late for work, he would Greet Me Loudly “It’s Ferris!” which is what he used to call me… AKA Ferris Bueller, as I often came in late for work (Towards the end of my time there that is), and left early.

He was pretty hilarious actually, he looked like some sort of Muppet Security Guard Peeking over his Cubical Wall to Harass me…

Now the reason that he called me Ferris wasn’t just because I was late, and left early… It was because I was able to not only hit my sales numbers, but also achieve the growth that our company demanded without working 8 hours days.

As playful as he was about it, I actually think there was an ‘air’ of bitterness going on with him, Lol

It basically came down to this, 3 or 4 years before I left, me and this other guy were offered future Sales Manager Positions… All we needed to do was still maintain our Sales, Plus Achieve our Sales Growth Goals, Plus some how find time to Train and/or Work with New Reps…

Yeah… Right

Now the other guy Jumped at the Opportunity, and basically began to Copycat Every little thing our Sales Manager did with his Customers to try and Rise to the Occasion.

I on the other hand, said “No Way”, and just carried on doing my own thing… The fact was, I was fried… Fried on Medical Sales… And Fried on Corporate America… And truthfully, I didn’t think it was a ‘Responsible’ thing to do, to Manage New Sales Reps, when I myself was totally burnt out.

So instead, I was Ferris…

The thing is, the longer I worked at this company (Though a Great Company compared to most), the more people started to be treated like ‘Numbers’, instead of ‘People’. It tends to happen with Growing Companies, and we were Growing a lot.

So My Boss, knowing that I was burnt out, but also knowing that I was still hitting my numbers plus growth, basically left me alone the last couple of years…

Let me do my thing… Because for him, he knew if he pushed me, I’d leave, and then he’d run the risk of losing some of my customers, should the Replacement Reps not be able to maintain the business.

But I’m off point again.

Last Note, it sounds great, arrive late, leave early… But man, I was fried… So it was still hard being there.

On with what this Post was about…

So Yeah, this is who I worked with;

Aaron – Called Me Ferris, used to go play Lazer Tag with him after work sometimes with another guy, Lol

Blake – Worked his ass off as a New Rep, but his Sales Manager who was supposed to help him, because he was too busy trying to maintain his own sales (Mm, Hmm… This Sales Manager was the one that Got My Sales Manager Position when I passed on it, and yeah… He couldn’t Manage, and Keep up his Sales, so he didn’t Manage, Lol)

Tom – The Big Eyed Wonder Boy… Well… I just say that because he was a Brilliant Kid (The Son of our Companies Strategic Consultant), but sadly he could not sell… But he was a Great Lazer Tag Player! Lol

Sean – My Boss… Who doesn’t look like that picture by the way… No, he basically sounded like a Radio DJ on his Calls, and the Woman Loved him, Lol… He made a lot of Money in Sales, and Earned every Penny

Christian – Started Sales just before me, and used to Cuss in German when he had Sales Issues, Lol… Ironically, we had another lady who spoke German, and they used to Cuss in German at one another from the across the Room, Lol Hilarious… But Our Boss was not Thrilled by this, Lol

Tracy – Tracy was an Awesome Guy, with Long 80’s Rocker Hair… But man could he sell, so they let him Keep his Rock N Roll Hair… He also had a Rock N Roll Walk, Lol… You could always hear when he entered the Sales Area, as he Often Wore Cowboy Boots… And did his Walk, Lol

There were a lot more People that I worked with over the years, but these were some of the main one’s.

And then there were the Lunch Breaks… Man, I must have eaten at Baja Fresh Twice A week, Lol

On occasion like 6 or 8 of us would go out to Lunch… What a Blast… I can’t tell you how different each of the Sales People’s Personalities were… Pretty Hilarious…

But for the most part, Good People.

What really made our Company Different than most at the time was, right before I shifted into Sales from Data/Order Entry/Invoicing, the Company started to Shift Their Focus onto Customer Service… And within a Few Months of doing it, we grew like 25% in Sales as a Company… Which is why they were thrilled to get me back in Sales, as they felt I was a ‘Good Listener’, and ‘Actually Cared’ about people… Wow… Sad that that was regarded as a ‘Revolutionary’ Thing, Lol

Yes, prior to my time in Sales, there were a lot of Sales Reps that ‘Overstocked’ Customers to get their Sales Numbers up.

I remember running across customers that would say things like “Nope, don’t need any Wrist Braces, My Old Rep sold us about 4 years worth”, Lol… This kind of thing was not allowed when I was in Sales… They had ‘Eliminated’ it, Lol

But enough about Memory Lane… I will part this Post with these Words… Though I was Burnt out on Corporate America, and Though I am Thoroughly Enjoying Pursuing My Dreams these days… As the years go by, I have to say, I really do miss the people that I knew along the way, and inside the Walls of ‘Corporate America’.

Nuff Said

Thanks For Reading/Listening

Enjoy Your Sunday



4 Comments to “Sunday Post – Trip Down Memory”

  1. He said Bill I believe this killing me
    As the smile ran away from his face
    I’m sure I could be a movie star
    If I could get out of this place

    I hope I get the chance to miss the people I work with while living out my dreams

    Meantime…I am stuck here in Corporate America


    • Well, I don’t know if I am “Living My Dreams”, but I am at least pursuing them… So it’s a start… I’m also an Admin/Marketing Consultant, but I work from home, so I definitely miss the people… And I don’t make nearly as much money

      Thanks for the comment


  2. I’ve been going through old family photos (for my memoir) and it’s been a hoot. Love the picture and the post!

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