Disperser, Week Nine – Torin, Concluded

by disperser

This portion of Torin’s story concludes this week.  I say “this portion” because we’ll see him again.

I’ll say upfront this story could easily have been twice as long . . . had I the patience to fill in lots of stuff I presented as background, or in passing.

For instance, I should have filled in more of the relationships between the characters, showing the growth of the said relationships.  I certainly should have introduced the important characters in this chapter in earlier chapters.  Giving them a voice in the earlier chapters would have made their voice in this chapter more powerful.  I still think it works, but it could have been better.

If I ever assemble all of The Blood stories (there are more to come) into book form, that is exactly what I will do.  But this forum, this serialized telling, to me seems to demand a faster pace, a quicker call to action.

Perhaps not, but since I am writing it, that’s how it is.

The next post will, as I said, present Part Five of The Blood: Torin.  

All of the other posts were written in one sitting each, usually around an hour in length.  Each had minimal editing.  Part V was more work.  I wrote it fairly quick, but then got into the Mega-Tweaking mode.  

By far, it’s the chapter I like the best.  Perhaps it’s because we see more of the character.   Or, I just like where the story went.

This chapter also gave me a glimpse of how much better the first three chapters might have been had I planned them.  The fourth chapter is likely OK as it is.  

By the time I got to this installment, I had a much clearer picture of the character, the story, and where I want to go with the overall arch.  In part that is why this chapter took longer, but it might not have been as much effort had I set up stuff earlier.

I now see I have to abandon my seat-of-the-pants-discovery-writing style for longer/larger projects.

I may be vain in saying it, but I still think I can knock out short/flash fiction pretty fast, and have it be of passable quality, but as much as Torin is not a total disaster, I know it could have been much better.

Regardless . . . life goes on, and the universe could care less.

I plan to add an additional post consolidating all of the Torin chapters into one uninterrupted narrative.  Initially I considered additional editing, but no; the story will be consolidated as written.  I am doing it for those who like to read stuff all in one sitting (me being one of them).  Perhaps this will draw more interest.  

For now, let’s get into The Blood: Torin – Part V.


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