26 Days Until Christmas – What Does It Mean To You?

by darkjade68

26 Days Until Christmas – What Does It Mean To You

1) It means there’s Giant Stockings hanging on our Dining Room (Actually It’s The Living Room) Chairs, because I can’t find any tacks so that I can Stick them up on the wall, and turn this place into Santa’s Workshop

2) It means I’ve got 2 out of the 5 or so Christmas Boxes from below the house brought up so far. (Forgive the Dark Picture on the Right, no Flash on this very low pixel camera on my phone, and the living room relies primarily on light from outside for the most part, and it’s grey out there, as we’re expecting 3 days worth of rain)

3) It means come November 1st, I started Listening to My Christmas Pandora Station

4) It means there are Red Chili Pepper Lights strung across our Fireplace

5) It means we’ve put the little bulbs back in the Silver Reindeer’s Antlers, as opposed to Tea Light Candles, which we had in for Thanksgiving Dinner

6) It means I took this photo of a random Nutcracker Ornament that I found, and am considering sending/texting this photo to My Brother in the name of Holiday Cheer.

7) It means, once again, after having the full blown Thanksgiving Dinner, including Turkey, Stuffing, Yams, Mashed Potatoes, Peas, Green Beans, Cranberry Sauce, Gravy, that we’re considering having a full blown Mexican Potluck Dinner on Plastic and Paper Plates (Less Mess) on Christmas Eve (Which is when we Celebrate Christmas), which we’ve done for several years, and really enjoy doing… Which means we’re going to be Ordering our Traditional Chicken Enchiladas from our Local Mexican Restaurant… Type… Place

8) It means my Mom has about a dozen Hallmark Christmas Movies saved/recorded on our DVR

9) It means I watched/sat through all of “While You Were Sleeping”, because it happened to come on, and is amongst the list of Films that I Consider “Christmas Movies”, because it takes place around, and through Christmas… Also on the List are, “It’s A Wonderful Life” (My Favorite), “Die Hard” (The First one, which also takes place at Christmas), “Home Alone” (The First, which is at Christmas), “Meet Me In St. Louis” (Which I may have watched in October, Lol), “Sleepless in Seattle” (Also part of it is at Christmas, “Horses, Horses, Horses”, only the true “Sleepless in Seattle” Fans will get that reference.






Ok, I couldn’t find the actual Footage, but I did Find this

10) And Finally, I looked up “The Nutcracker” (One of My Favorite Pieces of Music, I Love Tchaikovsky) on YouTube, and found a Production of it I decided to check out… And played it through My Kindle Fire HD, into our HD T.V., and Watched the Whole Darn Thing….

Here’s That Production if you’d like to Check it out, it’s a Pretty Good one

Tchaikovsky – The Nutcracker (BBC Royal Opera House)

Until Next Thursday, and My Next Holiday Post, I Hope that you are all Enjoying this Holiday Season… And if you’re not, maybe you at least enjoyed this Post, Lol

Happy Holidays



2 Comments to “26 Days Until Christmas – What Does It Mean To You?”

  1. I know most people love this time of year. I dread it. So much hullabaloo. I actually get panic attacks. And that’s just in anticipation of the holidays… 😐

    • I gotta tell you Lorna, a lot of People don’t like the Holidays… You’re definitely not alone on this one. I think a lot of it has to due with Childhood experiences, and/or just who people are. Adult experiences can affect it to.

      To each their own…

      Thanks for your comment Lorna


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