All The World – The Final Chapter

by TByrd

Authors Note: Please see my last post here. After posting, my writing partner and long time friend encouraged me to end the story. Even if it was “lame” or “weird” or totally out of the blue. He said I owed it to my characters and he is correct. So I wrote a quick ending to wrap it all up and that is what you will see here. Thanks for the words of encouragement from my readers and colleagues. 

Elizabeth stomped up the stairs infuriated! Her voice could be heard screaming down the halls, “Why won’t you play with me?”

The cast and crew were busy ignoring her, trying as best they could to carry on with their daily chores. Opening night was fast approaching and with only a few hours left, there was no time to be ghost hunting.

As the cast circled on stage for the final time, the noise of arriving patron was a mere muffle through closed doors. They held hands and Tess gave a rousing pep talk to them all, encouraging them to enjoy the night, have fun. While they had been rehearsing the show for almost a month now, they were not to forget that no one coming tonight had seen their hard work, all this would be new.

But Elizabeth had had quite enough of all this. With the full cast on stage she pushed through the circle and for the first time, there could be no denying her presence. She had taken full form, a small child with blonde hair and screaming eyes. Her little blue dress was covered in stains. She stomped her foot and crossed her arms over her chest. The cast grew silent. She glared at each one individually, sending cold chills down their spine.

It took every ounce of her strength for Tess to speak and when she did her voice was only a whisper, “Hello, Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth turned to her and stared her down.

Tess cleared her throat and took one curious step toward the child, “Would you like to watch the show with me tonight?”

“Yes,” Elizabeth answered.

Tess held out her hand to the ghost. Elizabeth finally smiled and vanished.

The End

Coming soon: The Real Elizabeth and a new untitled series. 


4 Responses to “All The World – The Final Chapter”

  1. There is a tendency to establish a connection with characters, and perhaps it is true that as their creators we owe them something . . . Then again, what have they ever done for us?


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