A Short Break

by paigeaddams

Avacyn Angel of Hope art  Hello all – sorry for the lateness of my post this evening.

Originally, I had hoped to post more of The Dreamer for you tonight. But I haven’t been able to write at all this week.

My grandpa broke his leg, and had to be hospitalized. Things were looking good after surgery, but last week he took a turn for the worse. He’s in hospice now.

I sat for hours today and stared at the same paragraph, but not even my soundtracks could help me get past the writer’s block. I’m writing in general (not really chapters though) because it helps me cope, but I’m not sure what I’ll be able to post over the next few weeks – I’ll be spending as much time as I can with my grandpa.

I thought about posting from the first short story in the series – Beyond the Gate – but I don’t want to hop back and forth too much and confuse things. So I thought I’d post some stuff on world-building instead.

What say you? Would you rather see some world-building? Or some Beyond the Gate?

For tonight, I’d like to share some language building stuff. Disperser posted about his names a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been wanting to post about language since then – so what better time than now? 🙂

Lol, admittedly, because it’s so late I will be going the slacker route – some of this will be copied from my response to Disperser. 🙂

Until next time, Take Care and Happy Writing. 🙂

4 Comments to “A Short Break”

  1. Whatever you’d like to Post is Fine Paige… All the best for your Grandpa


  2. Sorry to hear . . . I would say “Kiar um Kaitsa aro Tairi isa soirun eri eyn eritse taler” but not into tairi lore. But the sentiment holds true.

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