The Real Elizabeth

by TByrd

While I work on my next story for you, I thought you would like to know about the real Elizabeth.

I don’t know if any part of her story is true, nor if I was just a subject to wild fantasy when I encountered her, but I do know what I heard, saw and felt. And it was real to me. So, if you believe in this sort of thing then you’ll probably believe my story. Even I am skeptical about ghosts, even with my various encounters with the paranormal.

I have been a Theatrical Technician for over twelve years now. I have worked in many different theatres under many different titles. I have also had my fair share of ghosts. Most people involved in theatre believe that every theatre is haunted. They are highly emotionally charged places, filled with very liberal people. Many think that’s why ghosts wander their halls. Others think we all have over active imaginations. Both of these could be correct.

Elizabeth was my first ghost. She was not a child, rather a young woman. While she never made a full appearance to me, I always knew she was there. As the Stage Manager, it was my responsibility to be the last one out the door. I needed to wait for all actors and staff to leave so that I could lock up and turn the lights off.

Each night on my rounds I walked down a particular set of stairs. It was said that those were the stairs where Elizabeth tripped on her gown and fell to her death on the hard cement floor below. The stairwell was always cold. When I would reach the bottom, I would continue my rounds through the dressing rooms. You know that feeling you get when you’re not alone? That feeling that someone is following you? That feeling always managed to creep up on me the moment I left Elizabeth’s stairs. I could hear the faint whooshing of skirts behind me and faint footsteps from high heeled shoes.

As I finished my rounds, I always clicked on the ghost light before leaving and said goodnight to Elizabeth. I got the feeling that she enjoyed that. I was never afraid to do my rounds, because I knew if she was, in fact, following me, it was simply to make sure I didn’t fall down the stairs.

The Stage Manager also needs to be the first one in the door. I make it a habit even now to come in one hour before the crew or cast when I can. I like to have a moment of quiet to myself in the theatre. There is nothing better than having a quiet, dark theatre all to yourself. I would usually enter through the stage door and call hello to Elizabeth.

One afternoon, I entered and a terrible sound erupted from the dark stage. It was an unearthly banging. Like someone was throwing metal boxes around. When I called hello to Elizabeth the thumping stopped.

Others claimed to feel her pull on their clothes. Some saw her running down the stairs. Others believed they could see her ghostly form walk the catwalks high above the stage.

I never saw Elizabeth. It is possible that, being alone in a dark theatre ones mind can run away with them. It’s also possible that the unearthly banging was nothing more than a loose tool in a work box falling to the ground just as I entered and that the banging stopped simply because there was nothing left to fall.

And yet, it is also possible that a woman still walks the halls of that old theatre making sure no one else falls down the stairs.


One Comment to “The Real Elizabeth”

  1. That’s very cool, didn’t realize that the ghost part of your story was also from personal experience, in addition to your theater experiences.

    I’ve had no personal experiences with ghosts… I only remember that my dad’s ex business partner’s house was supposedly haunted… As well as my mom’s aunt’s old mansion.


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