The Difficulties Of Killing A Character You Like

by darkjade68

I Died Once CoverThe Difficulties Of Killing A Character You Like

It’s interesting, back in Oct-Nov, 2011, I Wrote My First Ever Novella, “I Died Once”.

Then I sat it aside for a while, while I started Writing My Soon To Be First Ever Self Published Fantasy Novel, “Chess With Agatha”.

But by June, 2012, I had, had “I Died Once” Reviewed, and ‘Line’ Edited (Something My Good Friend Beth does for me, where she points out Grammatical Errors, and places where the Story Could be Written Clearer), and I had also Completed the Cover you see here to the left.

Followed by a Successful Kickstarter Project, which generated the funds for me to Hire an Actual Editor, and then I Self Published it towards the End of August-Beginning of September, 2012.

In the end, it was a lot of work, but I was really excited about the Results, and got More Good Reviews, than I did Not Good Reviews, which I was glad about.

In September I then Marketed The Book, via Facebook, Twitter, My Author’s Blog, My Personal Creative Writing Blog, and on Here. As well as Creating an Ebook Version on Amazon.Com, and Getting it into the Same Bookstore that I have My First, and Only Self Published Poetry Book, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder”.

A Font with SerifsAfter that, it was time to get to work on My “Chess With Agatha” Fantasy Novel, which I was kind of hoping to somehow Self Publish by December…

A Lofty Goal Indeed, yet one I intended on giving a go.

First my Friend Beth would Review, and Line Edit it, as she had done for My Novella, but this time it was 3 to 4 times longer, so I wasn’t sure how long it would take.

Fortunately she was able to Review it by September, and Line Edit it by November.

During November I decided to Create a New Kickstarter Project, not only to generate Editor Funding, but also this time ‘Cover Artist’ Funding, as unlike “I Died Once”, where I found the perfect picture online, and merely asked permission from the Artist to use it, with “Chess With Agatha”, I Needed to Start from Scratch.

The main reason being, I wanted to Incorporate Some of the Characters from the Book/Story, onto the Cover.

As November went on, and This Second of My Kickstarters wasn’t going all that well, whether because it’s the Holidays, or because of the Economy, or People jumped in for the “I Died Once” Project because it was my First… Whatever the case, it wasn’t looking as though I was going to have my funding…

Fortunately for me, during this time, I ended up banging heads with My Photographer Friend, Kirsty, and we came up with the Cover you see here, which is the ‘Enchanted Forest Of Doth’, from the Book/Story itself. (Photo by Kirsty)

But the point of me bringing all of this up is, I had my hands full, and that, coupled with the Holidays  Coming, lead me to ease up on Writing New Material, as, as it is, I also have My First Vampire Novella, Called “Allure”, waiting to be Reviewed, Line Edited, Etc., Etc.

Which is why I was Pleasantly Surprised, and a bit perplexed, when come the beginning of December, I would have a New Story come to me, that would cause me to Fill a Notebook for a Few days.

Black_Haired_GirlThe Only Hitch was, it was a Sequel to My “I Died Once” Novella, which is something I never really planned on Writing.

Granted, I Love the Character of Mady, and had indeed had flashes of Writing additional Chapters of Her Life pass through my head (Especially since she’s only 15 in the First Book)…

But, I was so pleased with the First Novella, and felt/found it to be a very good ‘Stand Alone’ Book, that I figured I wouldn’t ever really want to Risk Messing with Writing a Second Etc. Book.

So, because of this Built in Conflict, rather than Just Posting the First Draft as I Wrote it, as I normally do with my Books (At least thus far), I instead continued to Write it into My Notebooks…

6,800 Words later, which is longer than the first, I feel that the Story may have some promise, but will need much more work, and purpose, should I ever consider to Self Publish it.

Finally, I Posted The Prolog of the New Novella, just as a way to put out the Feelers a bit to My Readers, and a couple people that have read My First Book, said it would be very cool to see the Story Continued.

Which leads me to the dilemma, and purpose of this Post… As I readied myself to Post the First Chapter of what I’ve Written so far, Following up the Prologue which I have already Posted, I found myself ‘reluctant’ to Post it, basically because it speaks of the Death of the Other Main Character in the First Book… (Those of you who read My Novella, can probably guess who that is)

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve killed all sorts of Characters in My Stories, generally for the furthering of the Story, it’s just that I Like This Character ‘So’ Much, blended with the fact that I may, or may not ever Self Publish This Second Novella…

So there it is… “The Difficulties Of Killing A Character That You Like”… I’m sure there have to be ‘tons’ of Writers out there that have ran up against this… For me, I think it is my First time… And, like I say, it’s partly because I Like this Character so much, but also because I’m not sure I’m going to go forward with the Second Novella… I’d Hate to Kill him if it wasn’t even going to be Published, Lol

Oh well… Time will tell… But in the meantime, I’d love to hear any experience, and/or experiences any of you Fellow Writers might have had with this sort of thing.

Thanks for Listening/Reading



6 Comments to “The Difficulties Of Killing A Character You Like”

  1. Well I cannot talk out of experience regarding killing a character, but if it feels right, if it’s where the story leads you, I’d pursue that direction. Also, it isn’t because a character is physically dead that he can’t hold a special place in the story. Either thanks to memories or to the deep bond he might have shared with another character; either because he’s there in spirit (he could guide the other character in his/her dream, he could be a ghost in a supernatural fiction, he could be the little voice in the back of one’s head…) He could even be “there” just because he left a legacy as we can see in someone else, the one person who inspired him/her most!
    Hope it helps 🙂
    Good Night James!

    • I agree, and Thankx… In the case of Mady, it’s definitely the Bond they had, as well as potential memories… But mostly the bond, and impact that he had on her during their 8+ years together, which is how long later that this story takes place… At first I thought 5 years, but then I didn’t feel that was long enough… I wanted them to have more time together after everything that happens in the First book.

      She refers to him as a “Lion of Men” and how she “shall never know the likes of” him again… But in truth, she too is a Lion like her father, which is largely what the second story will show… Perhaps… To a degree… We shall see, Lol

      It’s up to the characters to a degree at this point, for me characters take on a life of their own once they leave my head.

      I appreciate the Input, I’ve Posted the Prolog, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2 so far… So fortunately I was able to get past it… I actually like the way it’s coming, and if I’m happy with the overall Novella (or Novel depending) after it’s through, than there is a good chance that I will end up Self Publishing it at some point…

      But that would come after “Chess With Agatha”, and the First “Allure” Book, which will most likely be my next two Self Published Books.

      Thanks again for your Input H



  2. You’re welcome, James!
    “the bond, and impact that he had on her” that’s what I thought and I totally can see the Lion thing!
    Could you please send me the direct link to the prolog, chapters 1 & 2; or post them here in reply? thanks a lot!!!


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