Disperser, Week Eleven – The Prompt, Expanded

by disperser

A short, short time ago, in a blog not that far away, I answered a writing prompt from A Side of Writing.  Then my wife asked me to add to it.  I did that HERE.

Just today my wife asked me if and when I was going to add to it.  That was fortuitous, as I had not come up with anything for this week.  But now, I offer you the first installment of The Fall of Angels.

Chapter 1 is the modified prompt reprinted for continuity, and rolling right into Chapter 2 and 3.

I’m reasonably well read in the various creation myths, as well as various incarnations of Angels, Demons, and Gods (sometimes they are closely intertwined, essentially being one and the same).

My idea for a plot stems from a mishmash of the various “fall of man” myths, and associated origin stories for angels and/or demons cast from the heavens for refusing to bow to man, or, if you ascribe to the christian version, for challenging god’s power.

I took all those, and weaved a conspiracy theory of sorts (they seem to be popular these days).

I like the story, but am not entirely happy with the writing.  But, perhaps someone can suggest how to improve it.

This is the first installment, and there will be at least two more.

For them that wonder about such things, yes, I will return to The Blood stories . . . eventually.


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