Life Notes of an Old Crotchet’

by cobbies69

Sunday 16th December 2012

My Story in 4 videos and Songs….

I was talking with a friend and I happen to mention about not having a topic for this Sundays post.  I was then given a challenge as to putting  briefly my life in songs. So I thought I would give this little piece of fun a serious and came up with this. I would then like to ask. if you were to do the same challenge with approximately, say five videos, which would you choose to represent your life.

I Feel Free...   —- this song says a lot for me as a young man the era of make love not war, an age of peace. Long hair and attitudes of this new generation, which I was part of. We all want freedom and I was certainly Free.

I’m So Glad….…As I got older and matured into a guitar toting guy, and playing in bands of differing styles. Some very good, some plain boring and some serious. Playing a great variety of music. I was enjoying making a living doing my thing. So yes I was so glad.

Sound of Silence. …..I matured into a quiet man, some might say a man of mystery. But I was a person of few words, I would not be interested in gossiping, talking for the sake of it. Maybe I was a shy person, which I believe I was and still am. But I was not a person to waste words on idle chit chat. Unfortunately it can also be a negative, but I do believe that silence is as important the sound of noise. Sometimes it says far more than the words of over the fence talk.

Little Feat, Long Distance Love.  This band and song says a lot of my life at present moment. We can say we have someone special in a different part of the world. My idea of this could be the fact we have someone far away, out of reach, in another part of the country, or even a different country. And it is this that tells me that the next part of my life may be at a distance.

There is a video missing because my life is not yet finished. There is another phase that I believe will happen, do not when, but I know there is going to be another story yet to come and therefore another video and song to be told.



14 Responses to “Life Notes of an Old Crotchet’”

  1. Brilliantly met this challenge head on . I am delighted to see Epic Clapton there with Eric & The Dominoes I feel Free, My Saturday morning tune, it is a ritual How wonderfully ironic , and with Cream, I would agree with you from what I know of you these are perfect choices.
    Silence is Golden My Kind Sir, especially when you are with someone and words are so not necessary
    Priceless Post I thinking~

  2. Well i am glad you like it my lady,, it does seem that comments are short on the ground these days… welcome and thank you ;;)

  3. Intriguing and enlightening post, Gerry. I don’t think I could pick four songs to sum up my life… Well done!

  4. I am loving that first one – is that really a young Clapton? ! One of my fave tracks ever. Love that happy smile on the drummer’s face.

    Double bonus. More Clapton (you could have filled all posts with Eric for me). Didn’t know this one. Intro guitar riffs reminded me of Dire Straits.

    S&G was an interesting choice. Their music was posted recently on another good friend’s blog. Sometimes silence can cause problems and break a relationship 😦 Silence and peace is good. Lack of communication isn’t.

    Long distance love. Perhaps we all suffer that at some point.

    Interesting one to do, I might think about it.

  5. Beautiful idea to blog your life with songs! I do turn to music to soothe my life or give emphasis to varying degrees of what i am experiencing…so why not write about it?! Clever idea and you expressed yourself so well! Forward! Grab the gauntlet and write on, Sir Knight Gerry!


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