5 Days Until Christmas – Happy Holidays!

by darkjade68

1215121609-015 Days Until Christmas – Happy Holidays!

This photo on the Left is from the Tree Lot that we got our Tree From… I just thought it was Hilarious.

1217021542And here is a Picture of our Tree which we’ve decorated for the most part on the right here.

I hope that you’ve all enjoyed the Thursday Holiday Posts.

Come the New Year, I shall either grab another Writer for Thursdays, or perhaps we will designate it for something else…

I’ll have to see.

For me, Our Christmas Eve is pretty much Planned out, it will be a Mexican Food Potluck…

My Eldest Sister will be making an Enchilada Casserole, which none of us have tried, but she has, and says it’s good… I Love Her Cooking, so look forward to it.

And My Other Sister, who is pretty much a Vegetarian, shall be bringing a Casserole of her own, plus some really good Lentil Salsa that she makes.

She also asked me to make My Guacamole, which they really liked prior to our Thanksgiving Feast… So I shall indeed be making that…

guacamoleIn fact, I shall go ahead and Leave the Recipe Here;




  • One or Two Avocado’s depending on how much you want to make
  • Mayonnaise
  • Lemon (Just one)
  • Picante or Fresh Salsa


Remove the inside of the Avocado (‘s) and put them in a bowl (Make sure they’re ripe, or it will be very difficult to smash them with a fork). Put 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons of mayonnaise in the bowl per avocado (Adjust as you like, matter of personal taste really). Squeeze some lemon in the mix, not tons, just some. Add about 2 tablespoons of salsa/picante per avocado in the bowl. Take a fork and mash/smash/mix it all up, wola. Guacamole.*

*Some might ad a tad bit of salt and/or pepper, I never have

There’s likely to be 8 or more of us on Christmas Eve, so it shall be a bit Intimate.

My Mom is also going to be buying a couple Whole Chickens, and making a Salad… It should all be good.

And My Sister’s Boyfriend tends to bring Wine, and Cheeses, which are also very nice.

I just need to remember to make sure someone gets some Firewood for the Fireplace, and all shall be good.

Fireplace-RMIn fact something else that I like to do, especially if you don’t have a Fireplace of your own… Is go onto YouTube and Turn on a ‘Fireplace’ Video on My Mom’s IMac which is in our Living Room…

Here’s the Link to the Fire Video Fireplace Video

It seems silly, but it actually adds some ambiance to the Living Room… Especially when we don’t have a Real Fire going, like on Thanksgiving.

pandora 2Also, in the Background I’ll have My Pandora Christmas Radio Station Going, which also adds some Holiday Cheer. Here’s That Link ‘Pandora‘.

Just go there, sign up if you haven’t (there’s no cost), and go to the Create a Radio Station Section, and Type in ‘Christmas Music’, and it should bring up a station for you.

So yeah, I let that play, while the Fireplace Video Fills the IMac Screen, Lol

I know it seems silly, but it really does add a nice warm holiday feeling to the environment.

Well enough of all that, I Hope All of you Have A Lovely Holiday Season, should you be someone that is Celebrating out there…

I Shall Continue to Post during the Next Week, but I’m not sure how much My Writers will be Posting, as it is a busy time of the Year…

Happy Holidays



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2 Comments to “5 Days Until Christmas – Happy Holidays!”

  1. Pandora not available here in the UK….But I like the fire…Nice post loved it..;)

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