Disperser, Week Thirteen – I lied

by disperser

Another week has gone by, and my mind is still not on straight.

Fiction writing certainly seems like the obvious escape, except I could not bring myself to it.  Instead, I wrote an inordinate number of words in various fruitless discussions, both in response to other people, and in a number of posts on my blog.

No more.  One of my few amazing abilities is to “turn stuff off” once something reaches a saturation point.  Come to think of it, that’s probably a fairly common ability.  Regardless, I can’t read, look, or think about all that stuff any more.

But . . . I once again come back here empty-handed.

So once again I dig back in time . . . way, way back.  To the first story I ever wrote.  I mentioned before much of my writing is with my wife in mind.  Obviously, not all directly about or for her, but she is my main audience.  Sometimes, literally my only audience.

Well, this next post is a story written specifically for her, for one of her birthdays.  Sadly, I don’t exactly know which birthday since, because I was my first story ever, I did not date the piece.   In my mind, I was not a writer; I was still an engineer, and not thinking I could be both.

They say the purpose of NaNoWriMo is to change a person’s mindset.  To prove to themselves they can, in fact, write a novel.  Well, this next story had a similar effect on me.  It triggered the notion that I could take all these ideas I have, and put them down on paper, with fictional characters, situations, and settings.  I have not stopped since, and I thank my wife for her answer when I asked “What do you want for your birthday?” and her reply was “Write me a story.”

It turns out she gave me a gift as much as the other way around.


One Comment to “Disperser, Week Thirteen – I lied”

  1. Nano has done wonders for me a;so., two stories done and in the making.. fabulous.. merry Christmas..,;)

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