Legends Undying – Week 12 Recap

by darkjade68

2013 new year sparklerLegends Undying – Week 12 Recap

I Hope that all of you had a Pleasant Holiday…

Please excuse the lateness of Our Week 12 Recap, as you all know, The Holidays have been upon us, and so… Etc. Etc., Lol

That said, I hope all of you have a Lovely New Years Eve, which is only 4 Days Away!

On with the Week 12 Recap


Week 12 Stories;

12/17/12 – Conscience

12/17/12 – Life Cycles

12/18/12 – Believe (Part IV) – The Never Ending Winter

12/21/12 – Mayan Apocalypse Report As Seen From Cleveland, OH (A Farce)

12/22/12 – For One Night Only

Thursday Holiday Posts;

12/20/12 – 5 Days Until Christmas – Happy Holidays!

Special Announcement;

12/21/12 – Welcome Shannon To The Sunday Crew

Sunday Posts;

12/22/12 – Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays

12/23/12 – How Fiction Can Change Reality

12/23/12 – It’s A New World… Or Is It?

12/23/12 – Dark’s Media Empire Presents – Jeff & Harry’s Christmas Carol (Part I)



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