Animals We Respond To, Or Relate With – In Response To Shannon’s Post

by darkjade68

tigerAnimals We Respond To, Or Relate With – In Response To Shannon’s Post

I was starting to Reply to Shannon’s Post Surround Yourself With Symbols Pt. 1, and found it difficult to without siting some pictures.

So Shannon, and all else that read this, for me My Favorite Animal has always been a Tiger.

I also Love Cats, but Tigers, for some reason, have always been my main Animal.

tiggerEven as a Kid, Tigger was one of My Favorite Disney Cartoon Characters.

Touching on what Shannon said, the Attributes that come to mind with Tigers are;

Strength, Independence, Mystery, but they’re also a bit Edgy I think. Almost like they just want to be left Alone.

Kind of Loners.

Though I’ve never thought of myself as a Loner, I am extremely Independent, and My Time with myself is Essential to my Well Being… Generally I spend that time Writing, or Listening to Music.

And, like Shannon mentioned, I’ve always kind of Had Tigers around me to a degree, in one form or another.

Winter-Land-WolvesIronically, and maybe this is why I decided to Reply to Shannon’s Post, with a Post, as only a few days ago, I actually put this Photo of Wolves as My Desktop Background…

Normally, I won’t put Animals as a Desktop Background…

But one of the other things that I’ve been noticing lately, is I’ve been relating more and more with Wolves over the last hand full of months.

As many of you may have experienced with My Recent Post, “White Wolf“.

For me I suspect that the Wolf Thing has something to do with the fact that from 2002-2006, I had some pretty tough stuff going on in my life, and for some reason these days, I kinda feel like a “Wounded Wolf”… Kinda like that “White Wolf” Story I think.

Wolf Attributes;

Strength, Agility, Ferocity, Loyalty (Perhaps, to one another maybe), Survivability, Independence.

wolf tigerWhich leads me to the True Picture that I feel Represents me these days… This Amazing Painting on the Right.

The Tiger who I truly am, going head to head with the Wolf that I’ve partly become…

And when I say head to head, I don’t exactly mean battling, Lol But who knows, maybe in some cases… Spiritually speaking at least.

Anyway, thanks for the interesting topic Shannon, Looking forward to the Future Parts.



5 Comments to “Animals We Respond To, Or Relate With – In Response To Shannon’s Post”

  1. When I was doing research for the post they were totaling talking about how new “spirit animals” can appear in your life and that it’s important to acknowledge the appearance and figure out what you can learn from it 🙂

    • Wow, that’s interesting, I hadn’t heard that… Tigers have been with me/I’ve liked/been drawn to pretty much my whole life, but this Wolf thing is a total New Thing.

      My Eldest Sister, like you, is a total Horse Person, but she’s always Loved Wolves, and her house is Full of Wolf Things

      But that’s cool about how New One’s can appear, the Wolf thing is Totally New for me, but like I say I was drawn to the Tiger/Wolf Painting a couple months ago, and then came My Wolf Story, and then a couple days ago, the Wolf Desktop Photo.


      Thanks Shannon, Interesting Stuff


  2. Interesting! I asked Shannon a question about whether you think these animal totems pick you or whether you pick them. I be interested in hearing your answer, too.

    • Hmm… Interesting question

      Tough to say… Hard to say if the draw to a specific animal is a subconscious thing… And whether it’ s being drawn to traits you have, or traits you need… Or both

      Seems to me it has something to do with the more animal, and/or instinctive part of a human

      But it’ s hard yo say…

      If an animal totem speaks to, or calls to you, than you’ re talking about something outside of ourselves, I’ m afraid I really couldn’t say much about that

      If something outside of ourselves is contacting, or connecting to us, than we may not know about that until we pass to the other side I suppose

      Thanks for the Comment Lorna


  3. Well . . . anyone who has stopped by my blog, or has looked into the meaning of “disperser”, already knows my answer . . .

    I think back at “The Golden Compass”, and the idea of daemons . . . to have a particular animal represent all that you are seems limiting.

    What if one is balanced between two or more traits? A chimera, perhaps?

    And what of mythical animals? Are they included?

    The wolf is interesting, but the true nature of the wolf is not “noble”. Horses are deemed noble. Foxes are deemed sly. Dogs are deemed loyal.

    Some birds of prey are often held up as embodying various virtues . . . but, let’s not forget, they have bird brains.

    What is an ethical animal? Certainly not man, at least not as a rule.

    I will have to go with . . . ha! . . . almost had me giving away part of myself!

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