Happy New Year! Thank You Followers & Contributors

by darkjade68

2013 new year sparkler

Happy New Year! Thank You Followers & Contributors

Sadly, I have a bit of a Cold… So I probably won’t be Posting much on This Site Today…

But I did want to take a moment to say Happy New Year! To Both Our Followers, and Contributors…

As some of you may know, This Site Was Originally Started at the end of 2011

and was Called “The Dark Globe”

The Site, Largely due to the Contributors, went on to be a Very Successful, and Enjoyable Site

So I First want to say Thank You to those Contributors that were with me during

“The Dark Globe”‘s Existence…

In September of this year, due mostly to time constraints, I changed the Format

of this Site from the 12-15 Contributors, Multi-Artist, Open Posting Site

To a Story Showcase Site, where we would have a Different Writer Showcasing their

work, each day, Mon-Sun…

As it has evolved, We Now Have Story Showcase Writers Mon-Weds, Fri & Sat

Thursday will be different things, depending on that particular week

And Sundays is an Open Posting, with 4 Specific Writers, plus

our Story Writers are also Welcome to Post as well

I just wanted to say Thank You to those that Stuck With us

during this Change

And Welcome to those that have Joined since September

DarkJade Signing Off…

Have a Happy New Year’s Eve Everyone!!

*I Send You Off With Frank (Old Blue Eyes)


9 Comments to “Happy New Year! Thank You Followers & Contributors”

  1. Hi,
    A Very Happy New Year to you as well.
    It is summer here so our problem is staying cool. :D:

  2. Happy new year 2013 to all of you 🙂 Wish you all the best!

  3. Hope you feel better, DJ. You work so hard. Give yourself a much-needed rest, okay? 🙂

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