A New Chapter For The New Year

by paigeaddams

Warrior angel wallpaper  Hello all! I hope you’ve all had a Happy New Year! 🙂

I’m ready to dive back into The Dreamer, and thought I should give a little re-cap info before I get started.

We left off with Kriva turning tail and running once the tide of battle changed to be in Isaro’s favor. Haha, I think seeing Triaris made him more than a little nervous too. 🙂

The ‘being’ that helped Isaro and Rina escape is still missing, but neither of them have had a chance to search for it. Or to decide if they really should since they don’t know what they’re dealing with.

And we ended the last chapter with Isaro being a little… annoyed… when Rina insisted on using his title rather than his name again. He also wasn’t too pleased when Triaris got a little too close to her for comfort. They’re currently alone together in the throne room… um… discussing these topics.

** Content Warning: I try to keep my love scenes within a WordPress friendly range, but I do write the build-up and beginning of the love scenes. I just didn’t want to surprise anyone. 🙂 **

Over the next few weeks I’ll be wrapping up The Dreamer, and starting up a new, currently untitled, story. I’ll update you more on that later. For now, I hope you guys enjoy the ending chapters of The Dreamer! 🙂



2 Comments to “A New Chapter For The New Year”

  1. Welcome back, and Happy New Year Paige


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