Farewell 2012 – Year’s Final Recap

by darkjade68

GoodbyeFarewell 2012 – Year’s Final Recap

For the sake of ‘New Year’-ish-ness, this Recap will go all the way through Monday, December 31st.

I hope all of you had a Good New Years, and are Looking Forward to the New Year.

The Stories;

12/24/12 – Casey

12/25/12 – Believe (Part V) – The Conclusion

12/26/12 – Kronen: Standalone One – Patriarch

12/28/12 – Kodiak Rising – Chapter Two

12/29/12 – 21:15 To Fort William

12/31/12 – Guardians

Special Dedication;

12/26/12 – A Dedication

Thursday Posts;

12/27/12 – Kindle Revolution Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The E-book

12/27/12 – Thursday Posts

Sunday Posts;

12/29/12 – Final Piece Of Love For 2012

12/30/12 – Who Comes Up With This Stuff And Why Won’t They Stop

12/30/12 – Surround Yourself With Symbols Pt. 1

12/30/12 – Animals We Respond To, Or Relate With – In Response To Shannon’s Post



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