Thursday Post – A Couple Film & Show Recommendations

by darkjade68

warrior-2011-movie-posterThursday Post – A Couple Film & Show Recommendations

Film Recommendations;


Way back in Dec, 2011, one of our “The Dark Globe” Writers Reviewed a Film Called “Warrior”… (You Can Read The Review Here)

And I remember thinking at the time that I’d like to check it out… So last night, more than a year later, I finally checked it out, and completely agreed with Pete’s Review.

This is s Special Film about Two Brothers and Their Father… But more than that, it’s about how hard it is to reconnect when so much damage has been done in the past.

I’d Give This Film a Solid 3 1/2 Stars out of 5, definitely worth your time, whether you’re interested in Mixed Martial Arts, or not. That aspect of the Film is really just the Backdrop of much larger, and relevant issues.

salmon_fishing_in_the_yemen_ver2Salmon Fishing In The Yemen;

Back in July of 2012, I Wrote about a Film on My Friends Site, where I did Guest Posting  every other week. (You Can Read The Full Review Here)

“Salmon Fishing In The Yemen” is a very difficult Film to put into words… First off, the Title Alone will insure that most people won’t check it out… That’s just my Opinion, but sad as it may seem, it does make a difference what a Title of a Film is. At least, Marketing wise.

But I have to say, definitely ignore the title… Like Mix Martial Arts was for “Warrior” above, Salmon Fishing is also very much a backdrop to a Story about Very Much More Important Issues.

I won’t try to put it into words, but I Highly Recommend you see it… Beyond the Visual Beauty of the Scenery where it’s shot, the Acting Performances by the Three Main Actors are Marvelous. Yes, Marvelous… Probably a word I’ve never used before, Lol

I’d give this one a Solid 3 1/2 Stars out of 5 as well.

There’s a Third Film I was going to Recommend, which is much more obscure (Although the two above are also kind of obscure), but I can’t remember the name, Lol When I remember it, I will Post it.


Person of Interest Season 1 DVDPerson Of Interest;

I have to say, that if you’re going to start watching One New Show This Season (Starting Tonight By The Way), than make it “Person Of Interest”.

This has to be the Smartest Written Show on T.V., combined with just a “Knock It Out Of The Park” Cast… Just Stellar Acting.

And it’s got some Bad A$$ Style to it too. Check it out, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

I Rate This Show 4.5 Stars out of 5


I gotta say, this show just keeps getting better, and better, and smarter and smarter.

It really surprises me… Whoever created this show must have had several seasons planned out (Which I don’t think is always the case), because the Story just keeps Growing, and Growing, and Growing.

And Like I’ve said about this show, the Guy/Actor who plays Monroe makes the show worth watching all by himself. But the other Actors are good too.

I’d Rate it a 3 1/2-3.75 out of 5

That’s all for this Weeks Thursday Post

Let me know if you check any of these out, or if you’ve already seen them



4 Comments to “Thursday Post – A Couple Film & Show Recommendations”

  1. Glad you’ve finally decided to watch it!

    • It was exactly what you said it was… Definitely has that “Rocky” kind of feeling to it… But much more intense history to the Characters… It blew me away

      Thanks for Recommending it


  2. Grimm is in my DVD queue (need to catch up, I fell behind), and I agree. Great development from a somewhat shaky start.

    Person of Interest lost me in one of the early episodes where the main character went from being able to make the equivalent of trick shots with a handgun at considerable distances, to missing the bad guy at something like 15 feet . . . with multiple shots. And they did it twice in the same show.

    I like the premise, but that takes me right out of the story.

    The movies? . . . nah . . . I don’t like fighting, I don’t like dramas, I don’t like contrived situations. But then, I am not the target audience.

    As for the Yemen movie . . . maybe . . . depends if it hooks me in the first 10 minutes or so.

    • Ah, yeah, one of my sister’s husband is a gunsmith

      He might agree with you there

      I can’t recall if Yemen hooked me in the first 10 minutes, may have been a bit further in

      Thanks for the Comment Disperser


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