Surround Yourself with Symbols Pt.2

by Shannon

(Please see Part 1 of my symbolism series on animals)

Color Symbolism

The meanings of colors and their effects on our moods has been well documented. Blue makes us calm, red inspires anger, yellow inspires happiness, etc. But we’ll take a closer look at these color effects and how they can help us be more creative individuals.

All my life, I’ve always gravitated to blue. In recent years, my favorite colors have expanded to include green and burgundy (deep red wine color). Don’t they look nice together?

Breaking those down by common base associations we get:

-blue: calm, sad, depressed, tranquil

-red: bold, angry

-green: greed, energy, growth

There was a time in my life when I was too into blue and so everything I had was blue and then I didn’t want to be around it anymore. But I’ve accepted it back into my life, with the exclusion of a few shades (I really don’t like sky blue).

Digging deeper now.

Blue can also symbolize stability, peace, order, and harmony, among others.

Other meanings of red include love, desire, strength, energy, and vitality.

Green can represent nature, youth, vitality, and good luck.

Similar to the idea beyond the animal symbolism, I believe the colors we are drawn too can both encompass what we seek in our lives as well as provide the balance to traits we naturally encompass. For example, I would say that blue really encompasses who I am as a person and the things I’m intrinsically drawn to. Red and green represent the qualities that kind of come and go, but also represent characteristics I wish I had more of.

My room (and workspace) mainly consists of blues and whites, with a splash of yellow. But mainly blue. The three most prominent colors in my wardrobe are probably blue, green, and red. I do think that having these colors around help me slip into a creative zone a bit faster. I like to have balance in my life and I believe that only when I feel reasonably balanced, can I sit down and create. The acknowledgement of these colors in my life and the keeping of them, definitely help me work better and harder.

Conversely, if you kept a red object near you while you worked on a scene where a character was angry or bold, it might help you slip into that mindset more easily. We often use music to the same effect, but I bet it would work just as well with colors.


11 Responses to “Surround Yourself with Symbols Pt.2”

  1. Blue has always been my Favorite Color… I too wore it all together too much (or at least a lot) all the way through High School, often Accompanying Black

    Black and Blue were My Favorite colors all the way through most of my Teens, and all of My Twenties

    Blue always being My Favorite

    I also worked in Purple along the way

    But at time has gone by, I’d say My Favorite Colors now are Blue (Still), Black (Love Black, I know some say it’s not a Color, but I don’t agree), after that I’ve kind of moved away from Purple… Though I still think it’s an Amazing Color

    As time went by, I was drawn to Green, Orange and Red a bit in My Thirties

    I too like Burgundy… That’s Probably my Third Favorite Color, after Blue and Black

    For years I never went anywhere near Red (Or the Like)

    Not because it’s an ‘Angry’ Color, as I don’t really associate it with Anger, though I know it commonly is associated with it.

    To me it Represents ‘Passion’, and yes ‘Boldness’ more than anything else.

    I Began Pursuing My Dreams at the Age of 29, and Never Looked back… And I found that the more I pursued my dreams, the more I was Drawn to Red… And in the end, Burgundy

    I suppose it has to do with the Fires of Passion that are embarked when breaking through/creating your Dreams and the Like

    When I was 31 I moved to Eugene Oregon, to be near My Brother, and Begin Pursuing Film Making… Part of that move was ‘Walking Away From Corporate America’ (Though I admit my first job there was in an office, I quit it shortly after)

    And in the ‘Freeing’ Act of Leaving Corporate America, and Pursuing My Lifetime Dream of Film Making, I found myself going through this short lived, but powerful period of Painting, and Tapping into Colors

    By the end, here were some of the Definitions of Color I felt/Experienced

    Blue – Calmness, Sadness, Dreamlike Creation

    Purple – Royalty (yes), but more than that, Purple Felt Like ‘Magic’… And still does

    Black – Intensity, Drama, Starkness

    Red – Passion, Love, Boldness, Fire, Bravery

    Orange – My experience of Orange (A color I never had any interest in), was that it Represented ‘Vitality’… This gave me a whole new thought about Basketball (Lol, I know that sounds funny), as suddenly I experienced Basketball, and the Use of a Bright Orange Ball, Largely a Game of ‘Great’ Vitality… Which it is really… Not the Rules, the Physicality

    Green – Life, Creation… I’ve never thought of it as ‘Money’, or ‘Greed’, ever… Though I’ve heard that people do… To me, Money isn’t a Bad thing… In my opinion, that is a misconception… Completely…

    Money is a Tool, and that’s it… People do bad things, not money… End of story… And having it, basically gives you Freedom… Not Happiness, Freedom… What you do with that Freedom, is in your court. And I don’t mean that, that’s the only way to achieve Freedom, no, not at all… It just gives you a bit of Flexibility, yah know

    But mainly, it’s a tool, and that’s it

    Yellow – For me, I’ve never, ever liked yellow… Much too Bright for me… But I’m a Blue and Black kinda guy, Lol


    Yellow – Happiness, Light

    To me, Color is one of the most ‘Important’, ‘Powerful’, and ‘Symbolic’ things in my life…

    I take time Choosing what Color Shirt, and Pants I wear, every single day

    Though Pants are generally, Blue, or Black (on occasion grey, but I don’t wear grey all that much)

    Shirts, probably 65% fo the time are some form of blue… 20% of time Black… 12% of the time White, and the other 3% might be something else, but generally not.

    I don’t wear Red much, not even Burgundy… Whenever I put it on, I take it right off… For one, it doesn’t look that great on me… But more than that, I don’t need that much ‘Red’, if you know what a mean… Just a Splash of it, will last me for hours, Lol

    But, and this makes perfect sense to me, as I am a Writer, and Pursuing Writing as a Profession, My Laptop is Burgundy (one that I’ve wanted for years actually, I actually got almost 2 years ago), and I love it… Also, My First Book Cover, was Burgundy… Simple, but Powerful

    Red is a Must in what I do these days, it is the Fire, it is the Passion, it is the Boldness… But Blue, and Black, are who I am

    White – Interestingly enough, White became one of my favorite colors during the last 5 years or so as well (I also consider this a color, which many do not)

    For me ‘Balance’, like you say, is important in all things (Especially since I’m a Libra, it always has been, Lol)

    And I find ‘White’ Balances ‘Black’, to be sure

    I can’t just wear blue and black all the time, it will make me depressed… In my teens, and part of my twenties, I was depressed, so wearing blue, black and purple was fine… But as I broke free of my depression (which I was probably in for at least 10 years (probably more like from the age of 14-28), I found that White has become essential in my Wardrobe.

    Like I say, it balances things out, and lightens things up.

    Also, I owned a Black Jeep from 29-34 (something I had always wanted), and part of me says if I ever get another Jeep, it will probably be White… A sort of Balancing thing internally I think

    Color is Everything… Ok maybe that sounds crazy, but as a Film Maker, a Writer, a Human, I am intrenched in it’s connection of who I am, and who I will continue to be

    I’ll leave it at that, Lol

    If you haven’t seen “Hero”, see it… Their use of Color in it is Phenomenal… And as several of the Characters Recount Stories in the Film, each Character’s Perspective/Recount is in a different color, because each of them tells the Story Differently… Just check it out for that Reason alone… The use of Green, White and Red is astounding.

    I could talk about Color forever, so I’ll go ahead and stop here, Lol (Currently Wearing Black Sweatpants, Blue Thermo Shirt, Typing on Burgundy Laptop)

    Great Post… Symbolism is Huge to me… And an Extremely Powerful Tool Creatively, and Spiritually

    p.s. I actually have come to like Sky Blue, but I will never, ever, wear it, Lol


  2. I always gravitate toward blue. Even in decades apart employee/staff challenges, I am a “Blue.” Love it and the way the three tones you have selected are so jewel like. Every color unique. Just like us. Thanks for this!

  3. My friends and I have this thing about colours. We sat down once and talked about what we felt our aura’s represented. Turned out I was a yellow. A yellow spiral no less! But like you, I went through a very blue oriented period. Then I converted to green (my car and room are all green), yet come winter I’m drawn to deep purple/ burgundy and black.


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