Sunday Post – Super 8… In Review

by darkjade68

super_eight_xlgSunday Post – Super 8… In Review

Back in June, 2011… A  Film came out, that I actually wanted to see, but never got around to it. Last night I finally did.

That Film was “Super 8“.

Writer, Director, Executive Producer;

The Writer, Director, and one of the Executive Producers of this Film is J. J. Abrams… Many of you may, or may not know him. But either way, you probably know his work.

Executive Producer;

Alias (2001-2006) – Which I Liked (He Also Created This Show)

Lost (2004-2010) – Which I did not watch (He also Directed The Pilot, And Created This Show)

star trekStar Trek (2009) – Loved (He Also Directed This Film)

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011) – Really Liked this Film

Fringe (2008-2013) – Only saw the Original couple Episodes (He also Created This Show)

Person Of Interest (2011-2013) – My Favorite Show on T.V.

Star-Trek-Into-Darkness-Teaser-Poster-550x814Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013) – And most Recently, he Produced, and Directed the Up and Coming “Star Trek” Sequel Film, “Into Darkness”.

That Other Guy/Executive Producer;

But we mustn’t forget about the other Executive Producer of this Film, Steven Spielberg.

The Plot;

“In the summer of 1979, a group of friends in a small Ohio town witness a catastrophic train crash while making a super 8 movie and soon suspect that it was not an accident. Shortly after, unusual disappearances and inexplicable events begin to take place in town, and the local Deputy tries to uncover the truth – something more terrifying than any of them could have imagined.” Written by Official site

The Trailer;

The Better/More Accurate Trailer;

My Opinion/Review;

Here’s the thing… If you liked “Goonies” (Not many will admit, but many did), “E.T.” (I think there might be a few… Nah… Millions of us that did), “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind” (Great Film), “Stand By Me” (Loved it), than chances are you will Like this Film.

Let me tell you why…

elle-fanning-in-super-81) The Kids;

Starting with Elle Fanning (Yup, one of Dakota’s younger Sisters, but this is definitely not her First Film). Elle is Powerful, and Endearing. I’ll leave it at that… She alone is worth seeing the Film for. If she can’t tear you up, no one probably can.

joel courtneyJoel Courtney … This Kid basically carries this Film by himself… But, he doesn’t need to…

thBecause The Whole Kid Cast (Much like “Stand By Me”, were Just Awesome.

The Directing;

You know that Amazing Childhood Feeling that Spielberg is able to Make/Create in his Films? Where you can actually feel the goosebumps on your arms because it’s Teleported you Emotionally back to moments of your own Childhood? And how Spielberg, to a Degree, is the only one, if not the Best one at being able to do this? (Although Robert Mulligan “To Kill A Mockingbird” Pretty Much Nails this too)

Well, J.J. Abrams is able to do this… Just like Steven did… It pretty much Blew Me Away, as that is one of the things I Miss in Films These Days, as I Grew up on a Study Diet of Spielberg Films.

To put it Frankly, the Scenes with the Kids are Magical… There, I’ve said it, Lol

There is one thing I should say though, though this Film does Have the Essence of Many Spielberg Films, I found it to be a Tad Bit Scarier than Most of his Films (But only from time to time)… Except Maybe that Awesome Scene in “Jurassic Park” when the T-Rex First Breaks Through the Wires…

That Whole Scene is Just Masterful, and Scarier Than !@@$#, Lol… Or at least it was back then.

Anyway, all I’m saying is, there’s a few Scenes in this Film where you may need to Cover Your Eyes (If you’re the type of person that Covers Their Eyes that is, Lol)… And I don’t mean because of the ‘Gore’ (Which there basically isn’t any), what I mean is because of the ‘Suspense’, which is Completely Delivered by the Director.

The Writing;

Hilarious… Clever… The Wit Totally Reminds me of “Back To The Future”… Ok, maybe not that good, but that kind of Spirit.

Overall Rating;

Like I say, if you Liked any of the Aforementioned Films, than I Think that you will Like This Film.

I Personally Loved it, but I’m also from the Spielberg Era.

3.5-3.75 Stars Out of 5

Nuff Said

Thanks For Reading/Listening/Watching

Enjoy Your Weekend

It’s The Golden Globes, Lakers, “The Good Wife”, and “Dowton Abbey” For me, Lol… Yup, I’m goina be a True Vegetable Today, Ha


*P.S. This Film is Available on NetFlix, should you Subscribe to NetFlix

2 Comments to “Sunday Post – Super 8… In Review”

  1. It’s a great movie! I saw it with my then 13 yr old and she and I both loved it!

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