Disperser, Week Seventeen – Running Late

by disperser

Yes, I’m running late. 

I normally have the posts ready for publication on Sunday night, and they go live early Monday.   This week I got caught short of available time.

OK, that’s a lie.  I had all the available time normally allocated to a person, but chose to spend my share of it on other endeavors.  Sure, I kept thinking I would get this done . . . later.

Well, it’s later than I wanted.  The actual story was written last night, with the last word put to digital paper at nearly the striking of the midnight hour.  I was going to add to it, but I like the stopping point.  I used my lunch hour to proof it, and put it in the form of a post. (note – if you find mistakes, let me know.  I’ll do a second proof later, and will correct errors I find, but it’s still fresh on my mind – I’m likely to miss obvious stuff)

So, without further delay, and because my lunch hour is nearly over, the next chapters of my current story.


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