by Lorna's Voice

Just thought you might want to know that my memoir is out in print as of today. DJ said to go ahead and reblog my post here…and I always do as I’m told!

Happy Friday! And thanks for your support!

Lorna's Voice

Well, People, it’s here! Or it’s there.

Anyway, How Was I Supposed To Know? (my memoir, all 402 pages of it) is now available in paperback on Amazon. com.*

You can now go:

  • buy it
  • fondle it
  • flip through it
  • read it
  • bench press it
  • carry it around and brag that you know the author and that she’s quite a character
  • tell others to get this book or they are missing out on something Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious or, for those in the southern hemisphere, dociousaliexpiciousfragicalierpus

I know you may not get to purchasing it right away or reading it at wiz-bang speed, but when you do finish it,PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take a few moments to go back to Amazon or Goodreads and write even a brief review. Maybe even post a review on your blog. These things are important in the self-publishing biz. And now that I’m in…

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