Not Knowing What to Do

by cobbies69

27th January 2013 Sunday.

Bits and Pieces..

For various reasons I was struggling with time and what to post this week. So I decided because I did not have time to do a research on another personality of the Forest and witchcraft. And it seemed to one that I was not that good, my previous post needed to be edited and facts were off. (Matter of opinion and how it is read) Well I have decided to say if you don’t like then don’t read. But to those of you who do like these posts for what they are fun and entertaining in as much as bringing these people and subjects to your attention, with links if you would like to read more. [Just checked, haven’t repeated myself.]

My first piece,,,THE DRAGON of BURLEY.or Bisterne.

Burley is notable in English folklore for being the supposed location of a dragon;s lair at Burley Beacon, just outside the village.There are several local version of the tale. In one version, the creature “flew” every morning to Bisterne about 3 miles (4.8 km) west of Burley, where it would be supplied with milk.  In order to kill the dragon, a valiant man built himself a hut at Bisterne, and with two dogs lay in wait.   The creature came as usual one morning for its milk, and when the hut door was opened the dogs attacked it, and while thus engaged, the dragon was killed by the man.    The dragon slayer himself, says another version of the tale, only succeeded by covering his armour with glass.

The documentary version of this tradition is contained in the margin of a pedigree roll written prior to 1618, and preserved at Berkley Castle. It actually names the dragon-slayer as Sir Maurice Berkeley, lord of the manor of Bisterne in the 15th century. The document describes the dragon as “doing much mischief upon men and cattle … making his den near unto a Beacon. ” Sir Maurice Berkeley killed the dragon but died himself soon afterwards.

It is possible the dragon had some foundation in fact, and that it was a wild beast, or wild boar, living in and around the New Forest.                     The dragon is mentioned several times in the novel The Forest by Edward Rutherfurd.

My second brief encounter is Alice Liddell……

  Alice Liddell.  Alice Pleasance Liddell  (4 May 1852 – 16 November 1934), known for most of her adult life by her married name, Alice Hargreaves, inspired the children’s classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, whose protagonist Alice is said to be named after her. The book originally titled ‘Alice’s Adventures Underground’

For most of her life, she lived in and around Lyndhurst in the New Forest.  After her death she was cremated and her ashes were buried in the graveyard of the church of St. Michael & All Angels, Lyndhurst (a memorial plaque, naming her “Mrs. Reginald Hargreaves” can be seen in the picture in the monograph).

This my place of birth, Lyndhurst being the capital of the New Forest, just down the road from this church is the High Street and was my first home, living with my mother and father and grand parents from my mothers side.

For more info,

Third Brief is Lyndhurst, my birth home.. Oh sorry repeated words..

The village is the administrative capital of the New Forest, with the district council based in the village. The Court of Verderers sits in the Queens House in Lyndhurst. The local headquarters of the Forestry Commission, the body that handles the maintenance of the softwood plantations, forest roads and paths, and controlling the spread of invasive plants, such as rhododendrons and gorse is based in Queen’s House in the Village.

The church of St. Michael and All Angels is a major landmark, got to be careful here because I have mentioned this church already, being built of many different colours of brick, on one of the highest points in the village. Other major landmarks include Bolton’s Bench, a picturesque hill to the east of the village;  and a row of much photographed thatched cottages on the road to the neighbouring hamlet of Emery Down, my mother use to live here before moving to the High St. There is also a very fine, small Catholic Church of the Assumption and St Edward the Confessor, built by Sir Arthur Blomfeld between 1894 and 1896 as a memorial to Marie-Louise Souberbielle.

Lyndhurst is also home to the New Forest Centre, formerly the New Forest Museum.Also situated towards the outskirts of the village is Foxlease, the headquarters and training and activity centre of Girlguiding UK since 1922. It has been the scene of several internationally important Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting events.

The civil parish includes the hamlets of Bank and Emery Down. Lyndhurst is surrounded by varied “forest” from the heathland of Parkhill to the bog of Matley, and the open forest with its ancient oak and beech to the enclosures of softwoods.   more info via wiki

Bolton Bench. The land mark and gateway to the New Forest and Lyndhurst.

I hope you enjoyed this brief put together piece. As it is all my home area I could write some some personal stories relating to these villages and towns of my younger days. But I would actually be betraying my other Blog Restawyle  which I have been posting stories about characters and stories from my Forest. However there is so much information available I can easily share the different approaches for both blogs. This one a little more factual, with links to seek more info, and Restawyle is more personal, and is only my word.  So guys and gals I do hope that you enjoy this read and would like to know more and ask or follow any links provided thank you.

Pop over and leave a request.


Enjoy0    Gerry A/C 2013


5 Responses to “Not Knowing What to Do”

  1. Sunday novella for your enjoyment My Kind Sir~

    I so enjoyed this Gerry! It has created for me the desire even more so than before to visit your New Forest, and YOUR First village Lyndhurst; along with a few other meaningful (to me) spots I would choose to visit. To have a guide with so much personal knowledge & experiences like yourself would be the icing on the cake.

    I was quite delighted to find the book suggestion by you..”The Forest” by Edward Rutherfurd w/link for those of us who might want more details like I do. So I thank you for the additions you always include.
    I was shocked to find this book at my little library here in the high desert. How is that for a small world My Kindest Sir? From your new forest in your UK to my small high desert town in the US? “I found it astonishing really”. I say with a BIG- Big smile .

    I was being frugal in my mind to see if I could first borrow the book before purchasing it at amazon where I also found it. Such an incredible and delightful surprise this is. Both the book’s existence and that I can get a copy of it to read. here in town. If I decide I need to have it in my personal library there are copies available through amazon.

    Thank you, keep up the fabulously interesting posts

    (between you & me by the by: A little sarcasm so good for the soul, a cleansing of the rubbish if you will please…. I like your style Gerry, My partner in crime- you are such a rebel at times ~I like this about you)

    • My lady you truly honour me,, but for you to find these titles where you are is really beyond my belief,,But then again why not because we here do have books etc from your parts of the world,, Amazon has almost everything. Maybe shortly might even have mine after much Editing heeheee! But seriously so glad that you enjoy these little pieces of history.. Thank you for the support and loyalty.. Always welcome..;)

  2. Interesting and timely, my friend!

    We have a beastie here in our lake that is legendary. Not a dragon, but something similar to the Loch Ness Monster. It’s called Champy because it lives in the deep waters of Lake Champlain here in NY. Some have seen the long, serpentine neck and large bumpy back. Not me. I’ve seen something HUGE making a wake by swimming just under the surface of the water. It’s eerie.

    • that is pretty eerie, but as our Loch Ness no one actually dares to prove it wrong or no such thing,, mainly because of sightseeing .. so all the investigations here are trying to prove it exists..Lorna thank you and will check your link thank you ..:)


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