by darkjade68

Lorna’s Promotion for our Dragon Theme Writing Contest, Hilarious


Lorna's Voice

Feeling listless, lifeless, liverless? Longing for some zip in your doo-dah?

Well, this is your lucky day, you poor pathetic thing. I’m surprised you were able to muster the will to turn on your computer. But you did! And golly gee wiz, you’ll be happy you did!

You stumbled on the perfect blog today! I have a cure for whatever is ailing you, as long as what is ailing you is a hankering to enter a writing contest because you’re bored and really want a reason to write something new and fun.

See? I told you that is your lucky day. You have to start trusting me, People.

Here’s the deal. The writing contest is being hosted by the ever popular hoster of writing contests: Dark Jade from Legends Undying (formerly The Dark Globe). He is very skilled and experienced in running writing contests, unlike me, who would want…

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  1. Thanks for the re-blog, DJ. I’m so glad my blognesia seems to have cleared up! 😉 Glad you liked it!

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