Dragon Theme Writing Contest – Judges Chosen

by darkjade68

wDragon Theme Writing Contest – Judges Chosen

*Preliminary Rules

5 Judges Have been Selected to Judge “Legends Undying“‘s Up and Coming Dragon Theme Writing Contest, and a 6th may, or may not be joining us.

The Official Rules will be Posted on February 7th, the Official Starting Date of the Contest… Preliminary Rules can be Found at the Link above.




Our 5 Judges;

Quill Wielder @ Laura Catherine The Quill Wielder – Quill is not only an Excellent Fantasy Writer, she actually came in 2nd Place in our “Create A World” Writing Contest, back when our Site was Called “The Dark Globe“. Not only that, but she was one of three Assistant Editors for The Dark Globe. Quill has been a Judge for us in the past as well.

Lorna @ Lorna’s Voice – Lorna too was an Award Winner, but this time for “The Dark Globe”‘s Outstanding Artist Awards, under the Outstanding Blogger of the Year Category, in 2011. Lorna has been a Great Supporter of “The Dark Globe”, and has also partaken as a Judge for our Site. Lorna is now one of “Legends Undying“‘s Sunday Posters, a Great Contributor, and Reader Favorite on our site. She’s also just Self Published her First Book, which you can Read About Here.

Cobbie @ Gerry’s Space – Gerry was a Dedicated “The Dark Globe” Follower, who is also a Very Well Liked Blogger, which is why I asked him to Join “Legends Undying” as one of Our Sunday Posters as well. He is also one of our Site Favorites. This will be the First Contest that he has been a Judge for on our Site.

Terrii Wachala @ Brautigan’s Girl – Terri is an Excellent Writer, who is actually one of Our/”Legends Undying” Weekly Story Posters (Friday), and has been an Outstanding Contributor to the Site. She is also Extremely Insightful when Reading Others Work. This is the First Time that she’s been a Judge for us.

DarkJade @ Here, and The Written Word – What can be said about DarkJade (Me, Lol), that hasn’t been said thousands of times before by people paid to do so… Lol Always fun/interesting to Write about yourself, Lol Ever Since that Day at the Top of Mount Everest, when the Sky Opened up in a Flurry of Light, and Dropped a Pen into my hand… And, er, a Samsung Laptop, Lol I said to myself “No More Silly Adventures for me, I’m going back down this hill to be a Blogger, and a Writer!” Lol But in Reality, Writing is The Greatest Adventure of All, is it not? Limited Only by Ones Imagination. Anyway, I’m a Judge, Lol

Thanks for your Time, and Spread The Word About Our Dragon Theme Writing Contest, Starting February 7th!!



13 Responses to “Dragon Theme Writing Contest – Judges Chosen”

  1. When do we go shopping for our black robes? 🙂 This is going to be fun! What a great cadre of judges!

  2. Congrats to all the judges. Gerry & Lorna so proud to call you friends!
    Best of luck to all the entrants

  3. I’m looking foward! This is my first time of hearing about the contest. I’m glad that I am familiar with the blogs of some of these jugdes. They really are great! Let’s see how it goes.

  4. Congratulations to the judges. They should, however, be warned. I am going to try and enter. If they haven’t taken cover by the time entries open it is their fault.

  5. Thanks Baroness! I am looking forward to this!

  6. Reblogged this on Reinventing the We'll and commented:
    This looks like fun!

  7. My heart to you,Tee & P*jeiillie… for you both are helping to see that this contest is being shared with others from your blogs too,. It is a wonderful thing to do our part in support in my mind,and so glad you both think along the same lines I do, if not exactly the same way, *(Tee)


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