Legends Undying – 2013 Week Four Recap

by darkjade68

Red_Dragon_by_igorvetLegends Undying – 2013 Week Four Recap

“There Be Dragons Here…”

Sorry for The Slight Lateness on Last Weeks Recap.

In Addition to Last Weeks Strong Site Contributions, Last Week, 1/27/13 to be Precise, Marked the Announcement of “Legends Undying” ‘s First Writing Contest, and Our Site’s (Including Our “The Dark Globe” Era) Fourth Overall Competition Since it’s Inception, back in October, 2011.

The Theme of Our Contest, is ‘Dragons’.

But enough of that, on with our Last Weeks Recap.


1/21/13 – The Fall Of Angels – Chapters 7, 8 And 9

1/22/13 – Whisper Moon (Episode II) – Flashback

1/23/13 – The Dreamer (Chapter Ten)

1/25/13 – Kodiak Rising – Chapter Four

1/26/13 – Footprints – Part IX

Thursday Posts;

1/24/13 Tegan And Sara Heartthrob – In Review

Sunday Posts;

1/26/13 – Not Knowing What To Do

1/27/13 – A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away… A New Era For Star Wars

1/27/13 – When One Door Closes, Another Nose Gets Smooshed… Or Something Like That

1/27/13 – Lands Away (Video)

Special Announcement Post;

1/27/13 – Legends Undying Writing Contest – Dragon Theme



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