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February 4, 2013

3 Days Until “There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest Begins… And Our 6th And Final Judge

by darkjade68

Red_Dragon_by_igorvet 23 Days Until “There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest Begins… And Our 6th And Final Judge

I’ve decided to name our Dragon Theme Writing Contest, Legends Undying “There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest… I just thought it sounded cool.

Just 3 Days, Until Our Dragon Theme Writing Contest Begins, on February 7th!

The Preliminary Rules can be found Here

And Our First Five Judges can be found Here

I had also mentioned that there was going to be 5 or 6 Judges, as I hadn’t heard from my 6th yet, but she has in fact agreed…

And so, Welcome Kirsty @ La Plume Noire as our 6th and Final Judge… Kirsty is not only an Avid Reader, and a Brilliant Photographer… She was also Named Photographer of the Year in “The Dark Globe’s” Outstanding Artist Awards, in 2011… And was a Senior Photographer, as well as one of our Assistant Editors back when we were “The Dark Globe”. She’s also been a Judge for us on previous Contests/Competitions, as well as helping me with Designing Site Headers (Such as the Current one), and Badges for our Contests. She does the technical aspects, as well as helps me with the Concepts.

So Welcome Kirsty.

Alrighty then, 3 Days Left Until It Begins! Be Yee Ready!



February 4, 2013

The Fall of Angels – Chapters 13, 14, 15, and 16

by disperser

The first three chapters can be read HERE.  Chapters 4, 5, and 6 can be read HERE.  Chapters 7, 8, and 9 can be read HERE.  Chapters 10, 11, and 12 can be read HERE. Normally, I would do a recap of what was written in those chapters.  But, because of the feedback I received, I will, instead, present a synopsis of the plot so far.

At the creation of things and men, the Angels saw (and took) the opportunity to make a power play, and cast Demons as the bad guys (tricking humans into naming The First, a demon, as disobeying HE That Was (God’s) edict about staying away from The Garden and Humans).  

Demons and humans were both exiled.  Demons were cursed to only feed on the (souls, entities, memories, etc) of corrupt men, making it seem as if demons corrupted men to feed on them.  In actuality, it was the stories weaved by Angels which corrupt men.  They do so by using guilt induced by religious beliefs.  Angels were too successful with that; religion partially corrupts the pious as well.  The feeding itself, for both Angels and Demons, is not to much stealing, but as absorbing people’s memories/thoughts/emotions.

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February 4, 2013

Disperser, Week Nineteen – Preemptive Apology

by disperser

I have little concept of how my writing appears to others.

Some do tell me stuff, and most of it is helpful, but they seldom speak of the impression my writing makes.  Here’s the problem with that . . .

. . . these next chapters of The Fall of Angels I am about to post;  they flew out of my keyboard, and onto the screen.  True, they headed a different way than I had planned, and Joe and Lena got a bit more screen time than planned, but I immediately liked what I wrote.  That is somewhat unusual, but not unheard-of.  After all, I write for me first, and only after there’s a smidgen of hope someone else will like both What I Wrote, and How I Wrote it.

The problem is this . . . because I write for myself, my own sensibilities are reflected in the story.  Meaning, I don’t think about what the readers might experience . . . after all, they are like me, right?

Wrong, of course.

One of the things I did not foresee . . . let me rephrase that . . . I did not think through too well how the story would unfold.  Namely, because of the premise of the story, and because it is based on the Judeo-Christian myth, at some point Shadow, the hero, is going to confront The Christ, one of the bad guys.

Now, to me, that is just a plot device.  I see the story as just a story, borrowed from another story.  But for many, that dude is a big part of their lives.  They talk to him, they ask for advice, they ask for favors . . . and now they are likely asking him to smite me.

While not particularly worried about a fictional character smiting me, I do worry about people taking time out of their busy lives  to pray for smiting.  So, let me try to set your mind at ease.  I don’t come at this as a way to marginalize, or denigrate Christ.  Well, OK, in this story he is a nasty piece of work, but it’s fiction; please don’t waste your time asking him to smite me; for one, he’s probably busy, so the lack of response will just frustrate you.

Worse yet, if something did happen to me, you’d fret about whether you were responsible . . . nah, you probably wouldn’t, at that.

Some parting thoughts; if you chance upon this work, know you are part of a very small group.  Any action you might take to protest against this portrayal is likely to do little beyond getting me some publicity.  If you just let it be, 4-6 people will read it, and promptly forget about it.

Bitch loud enough, I I might get a Hollywood movie deal out of it.  It’s your choice.