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February 7, 2013

“There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest – Entry One

by darkjade68

“There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest

Entry One

by Pankaj Jathar

Rakheinir was shocked to see just a wisp coming out. He tried again, this time putting everything in to it. Not even a wisp. “Ice gust”! He cursed involuntarily, immediately looking around to see if anyone had heard him. He was glad to be alone, more than the curse he was mortified that his friends would discover that he had lost the ability to breath fire. He lived in the remote Laptev Sea, just below the Arctic Circle, with a small clan of dragons. They had successfully avoided conflict with humans for a long time by remaining inconspicuous. Rakheinir had never encountered one.

Rakheinir was quite small in size and was generally the butt of jokes. However his ability to make flames held the humor at bay. But now, he thought he might as well just bury himself in the snow.

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February 7, 2013

“There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest – Badges Revealed!

by darkjade68

Red_Dragon_by_igorvet 2“There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest – Badges Revealed!

As per usual, I asked my Good Friend Kirsty if she could create some Award Badges for our Current Writing Contest…

And she has not let me down.

I suggested that they have Dragons on them in some way, but other than that, she came up with the Design… Though I helped with Color Selections.

So without delay, here are the Award Badges that the Winners shall receive, come February 22nd, when we announce our Winners.

Most ImaginativeMost Imaginative





Most ScaryMost Scary



Most MagicalMost Magical




Readers ChoiceReader’s Choice


Pretty Awesome I think…

So Get to Writing!

Here once again is the Post with the Rules and the Judges

Contest Began Today, and Runs Through February 17th!

E-mail Your Entries to JadeDark68@Yahoo.Com


February 7, 2013

The Legends Undying “There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest Has Officially Begun!!

by darkjade68

Red_Dragon_by_igorvet 2


The Legends Undying “There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest Has Officially Begun!!

HearYe 2It’s Finally Here!!

Writers to your Quills! Typewriters! Pens! Pencils! Laptops! Desktops! IPads Etc! Etc! Etc.!

The Official Rules;

1) Writing Contest Begins today, February 7th, and Runs Through February 17th

2) The Theme of Submissions is Dragons

3) The Maximum Length of the Piece, is 1,200 Words.

4) The Judges are not allowed to Enter The Contest

5) All Entries Will Be Posted On The Site, During the February 7th-17th Period

6) There shall be Awards Given in Several Categories, including A) Most Imaginative B) Most Magical C) Most Scary. There shall also be a Reader’s Choice Award.*

*Keep in mind, Entries do not need to be Scary

7) Judges shall Vote on Pieces From February 18th-21st

8) Winners Shall be Announced February, 22nd

9) Awards Consist of, Glory, Glory, Glory, and some Lovely Badges to Place on your Site, Via Widget Etc.

10) All Entries are to be E-mailed to JadeDark68@Yahoo.Com, between February 7th, and February 17th

The 6 Judges;

Quill Wielder @ Laura Catherine The Quill Wielder – Quill is not only an Excellent Fantasy Writer, she actually came in 2nd Place in our “Create A World” Writing Contest, back when our Site was Called “The Dark Globe“. Not only that, but she was one of three Assistant Editors for The Dark Globe. Quill has been a Judge for us in the past as well.

Lorna @ Lorna’s Voice – Lorna too was an Award Winner, but this time for “The Dark Globe”‘s Outstanding Artist Awards, under the Outstanding Blogger of the Year Category, in 2011. Lorna has been a Great Supporter of “The Dark Globe”, and has also partaken as a Judge for our Site. Lorna is now one of “Legends Undying“‘s Sunday Posters, a Great Contributor, and Reader Favorite on our site. She’s also just Self Published her First Book, which you can Read About Here.

Cobbie @ Gerry’s Space – Gerry was a Dedicated “The Dark Globe” Follower, who is also a Very Well Liked Blogger, which is why I asked him to Join “Legends Undying” as one of Our Sunday Posters as well. He is also one of our Site Favorites. This will be the First Contest that he has been a Judge for on our Site.

Terrii Wachala @ Brautigan’s Girl – Terri is an Excellent Writer, who is actually one of Our/”Legends Undying” Weekly Story Posters (Friday), and has been an Outstanding Contributor to the Site. She is also Extremely Insightful when Reading Others Work. This is the First Time that she’s been a Judge for us.

DarkJade @ Here, and The Written Word – What can be said about DarkJade (Me, Lol), that hasn’t been said thousands of times before by people paid to do so… Lol Always fun/interesting to Write about yourself, Lol Ever Since that Day at the Top of Mount Everest, when the Sky Opened up in a Flurry of Light, and Dropped a Pen into my hand… And, er, a Samsung Laptop, Lol I said to myself “No More Silly Adventures for me, I’m going back down this hill to be a Blogger, and a Writer!” Lol But in Reality, Writing is The Greatest Adventure of All, is it not? Limited Only by Ones Imagination. Anyway, I’m a Judge, Lol

Kirsty @ La Plume Noire as our 6th and Final Judge… Kirsty is not only an Avid Reader, and a Brilliant Photographer… She was also Named Photographer of the Year in “The Dark Globe’s” Outstanding Artist Awards, in 2011… And was a Senior Photographer, as well as one of our Assistant Editors back when we were “The Dark Globe”. She’s also been a Judge for us on previous Contests/Competitions, as well as helping me with Designing Site Headers (Such as the Current one), and Badges for our Contests. She does the technical aspects, as well as helps me with the Concepts.

If you have any Questions, Please Post them Below, or shoot me an E-mail!

Best Of Luck To All Of You!! And Thank You Judges!!